Can Acer laptops install win8.1 systems?

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Can the Acer laptop install the win8.1 system? Small series deliberately checked Acer Acer (ACER) E3-111-C5N3 notebook information, with you analyze This can install win8.1 system, the specific content as follows we first look at Acer (ACER) E3-111-C5N3 notebook Computer Related configuration parameters:

Pre-installed operating system: Linux

CPU Type: Intel four core processor

CPU Model: N2930

Core: Four nuclear

Memory Capacity: 4GB

Memory type: DDR3 low voltage memory

Hard Drive Capacity: 500GB

Video card type: Integrated video card

Display chip: Integrated graphics

Video memory Capacity: Shared system memory (integrated)

According to the minimum configuration requirements of the Microsoft Official installation win8.1 system, as shown in the following figure

Therefore, we can judge Acer (ACER) E3-111-C5N3 notebook Computer Configuration fully compliant with the win8.1 system installation standards, can be installed win8.1 system!

If Acer E3-111-C5N3 can install the win8.1 system, which win8.1 system should be installed? How do I install the win8.1 system?

Acer E3-111-C5N3 notebook computer cpu:n2930 is a 64-bit CPU, and has 4G of memory, recommend the installation of win8.1 64-bit system to ensure that the system can fully perform the performance of the notebook, so that your system to run more smoothly, Recommended download Notebook dedicated win8.1 64-bit system.

Acer (ACER) E3-111-C5N3 Installation win8.1 System method:

1, if your notebook has installed a Windows system, it is recommended to use one-click Fast Reload System method, detailed installation method for details: How to install Ghost XP/WIN7/WIN8 system on local hard disk

2, if you pre-installed the operating system is a Linux or DOS system, please use U disk installation win8.1 system method.

Hopefully the above tutorials will help Acer E3-111-C5N3 laptop friends to quickly install the win8.1 system and thank you for reading.

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