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Hand has a telecom version of Apple IPhone5S (A1533), but I have mobile cards, there are Unicom card, there is no telecom card, mobile Unicom card can not use the telecommunications version of IPhone5S, how to do? And this is the reason for this article.
First of all, I spent 28 yuan in a treasure to buy a "artifact"--CDMA GSM dual-mode solution card set, try to solve the card by way of the hands of the iphone5s can use the mobile or Unicom card.
After more than 3 days of waiting, the CDMA GSM dual-mode solution card set is in hand, including a nano dual-mode card, a Phoenix card reader, a set of Cato. In addition, a certain treasure the shopkeeper also provides several cards, write card software and video tutorials (provided with the download address and password, download themselves).

From a treasure to buy CDMA GSM dual-mode solution card Set
The intention to use their own Unicom card, but this tool does not support Usim card, only support the older Unicom SIM card, and Unicom Usim card has been used for many years, so unless to go to Unicom to replace the old card, then my hands of the Usim card seems to be useless.
Luckily, I have a mobile SIM card and just upgraded it to a mobile 4G card recently. Is it possible to use this card? I started the following masochistic process with a "try it out" approach .....

(Hint: Jieka has the risk, may cause the hand the SIM card cannot use, needs to treat cautiously! )

The reason why it is "self-abuse" is that the process is too ... It's tedious! The main thing is that every now and then encounter a variety of strange problems, the reason may be a computer problem, may be the driver does not install good problems, may be the SIM card and card reader contact bad problem, may be the solution card software flicker problem, may be ... Therefore, if you have the same needs and plans as I have friends in advance must be fully prepared for the psychological abuse.
  Preparatory work--
First step:
The small white button on the reader will be dialed to the right, which is the "9600" rate of the serial location.
The Mobile nano SIM card is then inserted into the card reader with the correct (contact, bevel outward) in the package.

White button dial to right
Step Two:
On the computer to install a treasure to provide the owner of the driver, it is necessary for their own computer system version and type to choose a corresponding driver installation can be. I am using Windows 7, 64 bits. The correct installation can be seen in the "right-management-Device Manager-Port" in "prolific usb-to-serial Comm port (COM2)", at this time I encountered a very difficult problem, is the driver is always installed unsuccessfully, Finally, the successful installation of the driver is successful by means of the right key update. If everyone here and I have the same problem, it cannot be solved, you can change a computer to try.

The following card-solving process needs to correspond to this COM port, need to remember
Note: The driver just finished loading, the COM2 in the upper side brackets may be any number, but the number in the back-card software can only reach 8, so if this is more than 8, then you need to right-click the driver position and change the appropriate port in the property-port location-Advanced-com port number. My choice here is COM2.

Change COM Port number

Change COM Port number

First step:
Plug in the card reader with the Mobile nano SIM card that is ready to be plugged into the computer, and the card reader's light appears red. If the green, then the port has problems, driver installation is not, in short, to ensure that it is red before you can proceed to the next step.

Make sure it is red
Step Two:
I purchased the package, the software has a variety of parts, but most of the old card for the October 2009, only a SimMaster2011 software can be applied to the author's hands of the mobile new card. So you can only choose it.
After opening this SimMaster2011, set the port to the port that you set up before, I am here for COM2, the serial speed is also mentioned 9600. Other items can be default. Click "Connect" on the right.

Set correctly
If at this time, you and I have encountered the connection is not successful, then, do not tangle, go back to check whether the driver is installed correctly, whether the port is not a problem, the same, if you do not find problems, change the computer bar.
If you are lucky enough, you can see directly in the box below will show Iccid, IMSI, Smsp code, but these are not the most important, the most important is the next need to know the Ki code.

Click "Connect" See Iccid, IMSI, Smsp code, check "explosion-proof mode", start scanning
Because I am using a mobile card, so according to the prompts, must be in the scan before the right side of the explosion-proof mode, if you are also mobile card, then must remember to check. Anyway, the insurance, I was not willing to try the consequences of the election ...
After checking, click Start Scan, then enter a long waiting process ... (This waiting time is very not fixed, not lucky, may need to scan a few days, if midway needs interruption, remember to click Pause, keep the generated files, the next scan to continue.) )
Masochism is that the scan started without any problems, scanned to more than 10 minutes later, the number of software scans has stopped--"flash back". If you don't have a problem like this, then of course it's best if it's as unfortunate as I am, and the way I take it is--one, turn off the rescan and prompt the port for an error; I'll just change the computer ... Simply put, the computer has not again encountered the same problem. Of course, after changing the computer, everything has to start from scratch, since already started, must encourage oneself to have enough patience ... After waiting for five hours, still no scan to finish, say I have done a scan for a few days of preparation. Time reason, I decided to first of all to share the relatively easier the last step of the operation.

Getting the KI code may take days, be prepared.

Write a card--
Insert the dual-mode card (blank card) into the card reader, then insert the card reader into the computer. This process is the same as the previous card-solving process.
Open the card software, and pop-up a frame, but this time is the need to enter the data of the bomb frame. The data comes from the results of the--iccid, IMSI, Smsp, and Ki codes that have just been extracted. Also, if the connection is not up, you need to confirm that there is a problem with the COM port.
The top card reader port and baud rate is before the card when the port and serial speed, I here for COM2, 9600.
The lower side of the Data CDMA section (for activating baseband) out of the IMSI code needs to fill out the data obtained from the card (must ensure accurate), other defaults can be filled in the GSM part of the ICCID, IMSI, Smsp, Ki code can be.

Write card input data

Write card input data
When all this data is confirmed, click on the final write current information to write the previous SIM card (that is, the mobile nano SIM card in my hand) to this blank card.
Toss a whole day more, at this time is more than one o'clock in the morning ... I have to say, this process is simply too difficult!
Do you think it's over here? Not too! When you are not happy, you may also encounter new problems when you write your card successfully and load it into your phone. If you are really not lucky, you may experience a problem with no service at this time. If you restart, restore network settings, restore all settings, etc. are invalid, then it is likely to scan a long time before the break out of the KI code is false ... If you are so unfortunate to this extent, then I can only express my sympathy ...
After-test conclusion and suggestions:
The whole process is divided into 3 stages: preparation, Jieka, writing card. It is obvious that this process of unlocking is hard to imagine, the problem is not an ordinary user can easily play the turn, so or to persuade the common user friend even if there is such a demand, it is best not to personally try, perhaps this dozens of yuan of money is not difficult, but this process is really too much time and energy consumption , but also to bear the risk of failure. Of course, if you think you are a mobile enthusiast, there is such a demand, but also enthusiastic about this, then may wish to try one of the ups and downs, at least if successful, ultimately can let the hands of the telecommunications iphone5s (or IPHONE4S, etc.) support mobile, Unicom card, In addition to the normal use of mobile phones to facilitate life, the sense of achievement is also very valuable.

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