Can Win7 use disk defragmentation on SSD solid-state drives?

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Disk defragmentation is the Disk Cleanup optimization tool with Windows, when the computer does not install other optimization software, you can directly use Disk Cleanup to solve the miscellaneous files in the hard drive, to ensure the life of the hard disk, but also to improve the operating efficiency of the computer machine. But in the Win7 system, there are many partners want to know that SSD solid-state hard disk cleaning? Here is a small weave to tell you the answer, can not! As for the reason let the small weave one.

Win7 Disk Defragmentation

To the solid state hard drive happy enclosure, the mechanical memory of the weak decline in the moment, disk defragmentation has faded out of our view, more and more people say that the SSD does not need to defragment the disk

So why do solid-state drives not need disk defragmentation?

Before you solve this problem, let's take a look at what disk defragmentation is.

Disk defragmentation as the name implies, is through the system software or professional disk defragmentation software to the computer disk in the long-term use of debris and messy files to reorganize, can improve the overall performance and speed of the computer.

Disk fragmentation occurs over time as files are dispersed to different parts of the entire disk, rather than being kept continuously in a contiguous cluster of disks.

The reason that SSD does not require disk defragmentation

From the principle of disk fragmentation, it can be seen that the secret of disk defragmentation to improve PC performance is to accelerate the speed of the computer by defragmenting the disk files, making the fragmented files integrated, and speeding up the disk seek time.

Charge-seeking is almost zero-time consuming

The storage unit of solid-state hard disk, which is based on the electronic storage of flash particles, is theoretically immutable in the search time, and depends on the performance of the main chip and the technology of the flash particle. That's why many players suggest that in the age of solid-state drives, there is no need for the first major cause of disk defragmentation.

The value of reading and writing of solid-state hard disk

Second, because disk defragmentation works by reopening the files stored on disk in a certain order, it is tantamount to suicide for a solid-state drive that treats the number of times it lives. The flash memory characteristics of solid-state drives determine that the number of times they are erased is limited, and once the limit is exceeded, the disk will not be able to write to the scrap disk. As a result, disk defragmentation in the age of solid-state drives is a near-suicidal act, the second biggest reason players do not recommend disk defragmentation.

The functional advantages of solid-state HDD self-belt trim

The third, is the solid state hard disk with the trim function, opened to fully play the solid state hard disk's overall reading and writing performance, in a sense, actually has acted as a disk defragmentation work.

To synthesize the above reasons, whether from the principle or the practical effect, disk defragmentation in fact, the existence value of the solid-state hard disk era is really very small, although from the beginning of Win8 Microsoft has been on the characteristics of solid-state hard disk reorganization of the related functions of innovation, but in the current solid-state hard disk flash characteristics, Its function is also very small.

According to the above argument, some netizens give the following opinion:

As early as starting from WIN8, the disk component has not been called "Disk defragmentation (Diskette defrag)", renamed "Optimized Drive (Optimize drive)", with the ability to defragment HDD and solid state trim SSD without extensive file movement and consolidation operations on SSD.

That is, even if you defragment the SSD in Win8/win10, the system will only make the trim operation, which is clearly pointed out in the foreign professional technical forums such as SUPERUSER,WIN10 Forum. They even suggested that Win10 's compatibility with SSD was better than that of HDD, and that some of the things that hurt the hard drive were more vulnerable to HDD than SSD.

In Win10, the most damage to the hard disk performance is not a read-write file size, but the number. Whether it is an HDD SSD or a U disk, if the number of files less than 20kb in an NTFS partition exceeds 100,000 (100,000), the 100,000 files will not be written with files larger than 20k and will be written directly to the Master file table, indexed, Journal, and so on. Due to the limitations of NTFS, a large number of fragmented small file read and write operations, both mechanical and solid-state hard disk performance is a great burden. Now most large software (especially dozens of GB games) will package fragmented resource files into one or several bulky files, minimizing the number of files, and reducing the bloat of the Master File table and the USN journal. Even if this is done each run consumes memory and CPU to perform the unpack process, relative to the hard disk performance bottlenecks and the impact on the life, it is also worthwhile. The real killer of a hard disk is not the read-write operation itself, but the large number of reads and writes of files less than 20 bytes.

To sum up, Win7 system SSD Solid State hard disk is best not to defragment, because it is not necessary.

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