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Before I recommend Ali mother platform when it was the Gospel of personal webmaster, because as a personal webmaster looking for advertisers is really very difficult, we do not have a perfect sales team has no sales experience to negotiate with advertisers, can only rely on the meager flow of the site and wait for advertisers to come home. So with Ali mother this platform can assemble webmaster overall power to attract advertisers may not be a good thing.

But after these days of application more and more see not clear Ali Mother's real intention, at the same time also not to personal stationmaster have very big benefit.

1. Charge the intermediary fee of 8-15% to the stationmaster. Difficult to understand, is this Ali mother's profit model? Although advertising is a highly profitable product, but for the personal stationmaster has two extreme, one is the small flow stationmaster also wants to sell advertisement, now Ali mother basically all is such website, the traffic between 2000-5000IP, the advertisement price can sell only to the week 50-200, thus according to 8-15 Commission, Ali mother also can not be divided into how much, and this batch of stationmaster is most care about this income. Large flow of AdSense ads do not worry about selling and high prices, if to Ali mother to sell such a proportion is they are difficult to accept, so Ali mother how to develop and grow?

2. The advertisement did not sell before the code can not be removed, and will show the Ali Alliance bidding ads. This has a little push for the Ali alliance meaning. Want to sell ads must hang Ali union code. And to the present picture of the advertisement is to show Ali Mother's advertisement, this is whether there is advertising fee is still unknown, at least my Chengdu travel online is free to hang a few days Ali mother ads.

3. The buyer is completely free. Ali mother more and more let me think it is a platform to attract advertisers, through a large number of personal website information to attract advertisers to pick ads, and in many low traffic sites can not find the right ads may choose Yahoo Bid, another aspect is Yahoo search, Alibaba, Taobao has a large number of advertisers, Ali Group hope to be able to put these ads Misting prison, so that all their business and Ali have relations to improve customer loyalty, so there is Ali mother. And this will ignore the personal owners of the interests of the personal webmaster as a bait to attract those who are not Ali customers at the same time to improve the advertisers Ali advertising customers loyalty.

As a personal webmaster I hope that Ali's mother's appearance can standardize the network advertising market, guide the individual stationmaster How to sell his own advertisement maximum profit. In fact, because of the network advertising industry do not understand the majority of personal AdSense ads are very cheap to sell, advertising value is seriously underestimated, and if but rely on personal webmaster own learning ability to gradually understand the market is very long. Ali's mother's open platform should be able to give personal webmaster a very good reference. What kind of website, how much traffic can sell what kind of price. Che Dong in Ali Mother Forum posted a standard advertising price positioning, but that is only a personal experience, I hope Ali mother through the analysis of the entire industry and more data to organize a set of Web site AD pricing rules, so that personal owners get real benefits. (Original: Jia Lun Network Marketing blog)

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