Captures audio from a video.

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Mencoder-O outtrans-OVC frameno-OAC mp3lame-lameopts CBR: Br = 128-of rawaudio-SS-endpos test. rmvb

In practice, you need to change the two time parameter values! The command parameters are described as follows:

  • -O outputted target file name
  • -OVC frameno does not process video encoding.
  • -The audio encoding format output by OAC mp3lame is MP3.
  • -Lameopts CBR: Br = 128 audio attachment option, CBR (constant bit rate) encoding format, and the audio bit rate is 128 BPS (is sufficient for mp3)
  • -Of rawaudio: the output file is the original audio stream.
  • -The starting time of the SS audio clip (indicating that the video is captured from 1st minutes to 30 seconds)
  • -Endpos: 2 minutes 45 seconds the length of the pre-captured audio (indicating that the pre-captured audio length is, the end time can be calculated)
  • Test. rmvb Input Source File

For example, to capture a video from 1:28:10 ~ For the audio of 1:30:25, the value of the-SS parameter should be 88: 10 (1 hour, 28 minutes equals to 88 minutes ), -The endpos parameter value should be (that is, the difference between the above two time periods), and then the actual parameter value can be substituted into the above command!

The input source file selected in the preceding example is in rmvb format. Of course, multimedia files in formats such as avi and MP4 are also feasible!

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