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When people are in the workplace, how can they not get a knife! According to statistics, 67% of the reason for leaving the company is to leave the boss. Nearly of employees will choose the boss when they are looking for a job, and compare the wrong person in the workplace to the wrong man. There is also news that the biggest reason for employee resignation is not the so-called "development space ", but "Boss ". "We cannot select our own parents, but we have the right to choose our own boss ." This sentence has become a high-profile declaration of many professionals. It also summarizes the four criteria for choosing the boss in the new era. It is called "four bosses ":

First, we need to be "tangible", that is, to keep your eyes eye-catching, so that your subordinates can have a good mood at work.

Second, we need to "have a heart", that is, a positive attitude. A positive and optimistic attitude can be passed on and give employees a sense of security.

Third, we need to "have luck", that is, the official luck, so that we can be more conducive to the subordinate's ability to display, get on the boss's boat, wind and water.

Fourth, "emotional", that is, emotional stability, so as not to bring personal emotions into the work, so that subordinates often become a pond fish disaster after the fire in the city.

The main symbol of the boss that cannot be missed is:

1. He trusts and appreciates you;

2. You pay for what he needs, and you can ask for what he wants;

3. You consciously share your honor, disgrace, and troubles, and have a good time working together. A good boss is the accelerator of life struggle, and the effect of his kindness on work and life is immeasurable. By the boss, you can learn the true experiences of various successful parties at close distance and quickly improve yourself. It is easy to get in touch with and break into the boss's network of contacts, and stand on a high platform with external force for a short time. The boss's glory reflects you and adds intangible value to you.

So what conditions should a person in the workplace determine whether the boss is worth following?

I. Judging from my professional qualities:

Bosses in the world can be divided into three dimensions and four levels: career development, team leadership, and character cultivation. Four levels: Ideal, acceptable, barely allowed, and poor. All bosses are a unique collection of the above combinations. There is no absolute distinction between good and bad, which can be divided into the following four categories:

1. Have foresight and foresight, develop and grow your career, have superior leadership skills, discover, train and develop subordinates, pay attention to personal character cultivation, and build a dedicated and outstanding team. There are few such people, but they can be left alone.

2. There are not many people who want to be successful, have an ideal, have an idea, take the lead, and desire to succeed. However, there are not many people who really follow the ideal management ability and character cultivation. This is also a good boss and can be followed for a long time.

3. mediocre and selfish people. Everything starts from their own interests. If people do not commit crimes against me, I am not a prisoner. Everyone can pass through the scenes, so that others can neither speak good words nor speak ill words. This kind of person is not uncommon, and he must be on official business, because it is useless to him. At this time, the workplace is only your workplace, and it is difficult to rely on him to develop your own career.

4. there are defects in the way of thinking, mentality, and character, and the psychology is dark. for fear of the world being peaceful, we always have to pick up the case, so that our subordinates can guess and fight each other, and earn profits by themselves. Our hearts are narrow and full of lies. He thought that all subordinates had to ask him to survive. The boss with such characteristics in his personality is not a single person, because of the weakness of human nature. If you work with a boss like this, if there is no other attraction to you, remember, this is just your station.

2. What is a good boss?

1. Have a strong sense of professionalism, depending on the future of your career as your life. Dancing with such a boss makes it possible for you to have a bright start. He wants to make his career bigger and stronger, and needs a large number of followers. For the realization of his vision, he must be broad-minded and he knows how to treat competent subordinates. A good boss understands that the most effective management means for subordinates are trust and permission granting.

2. Have a leader style, be brave, be brave, be considerate, and be considerate. Learn how to cultivate trust and win the hearts of the people. He only needs to possess the art of leadership rather than professional skills.

3. Good conduct, no personal gain, no conspiracy tricks. Who is willing to twist the mind to follow the unvirtuous person? It is not an ideal workplace environment for him to do his best to end up with no good ending and be in fear all day long.

In addition to the above basic judgment principles, the "fate" of the two is indispensable. In terms of thinking methods, work style, work style, and appreciation of subordinates, each leader has its own characteristics. If you and your boss get together and fall in love at first sight, you will have a fate; if you and the leaders look at each other differently, and under the pressure of the leadership, you can only evolve into another person to meet the requirements of the leadership, then leave now. This leadership is not suitable for you. There are a lot of good bosses. It doesn't matter which type you have. The key is whether it is suitable for you. Some bosses are strict with you, gentle with you, strict with you, tolerant with you, and dissatisfied with you. This kind of boss is suitable for you, it is very likely that you will be able to work with Yijing's partners to achieve your ideal.

Next we will introduce some practical ways to view people in the workplace. Let's take a look at the best face of the boss.

1. The two eyes are Tibetan gods.

The boss with a straight eye, solemn and solemn eyes, and clear black and white eyes, is generally kind-hearted and bright. In the eyes of the black eyes, the Lord is smart and open-minded, smart and wise, distinguish between right and wrong, do not listen to the words of the villain at will, not blindly, but to convince people with morality.

2. Tian ting Gao Guang, xingzheng sigu, and Wuyue Chao Gong

Tianting's forehead is the palace of career. The sky is wide and the sky is wide, and the main business is prosperous, strategizing, winning a thousand miles. Main nose business and financial source, if there is Fenglong with meat, the main life is rich, nose shape to cut the tube nose, hanging gallbladder nose and tiger nose is better, business can have Dacheng. Nose is four Gu, refers to the amount of Wuyue, nose, chin, and left and right sides of the two sides can not have high or low fine points, dual-nose should take care; the dashboard must also be in the center of the nose to complete the unbeaten momentum of the three stop. The most important thing is that the two sides should also be plump and have meat, so that they can have the corresponding auxiliary power to the momentum of the nose, so there is: "would rather have nose, nose ." . The boss's nose matching, Fenglong has meat, not only the happiness of the lord himself, but also the stability of the main business, generally there will be no crisis of collapse. This provides some protection for employees.

3. The nose is thick and fleshy, and the square area of the Cabinet is facing the Arch

Nose, wide, open-minded, good faith, not only kind and benevolent to subordinates, but also can be rewarded.

Tiange's high circles face the arch, handling affairs steadily, a large amount of peace, can accommodate small evil, more elegant.

4. gentle appearance, speech and level

Generally, big bosses can speak modestly. The character is rich but angry, and angry. These self-developed bosses must be able to survive,

If your boss belongs to this type, it is recommended that you avoid it.

1. The nose is exposed and the nose is sharp.

The nose beam is high and the nose is exposed, and the business operation is blocked, it is difficult to shade and subordinates; the nose is cut without meat, the main character is sharp and mean, over-care gains and losses, harm to people, it's a bad habit to pick up bones in eggs.

2. Frequent deprecators

Those who often bow to the beginning are generally greedy. I often bow my head and meditate, and I have a tendency to count people. I am a low speaker, and I am confused about my words and deeds. These people are extremely conceited and focus on their own interests, regardless of employee benefits.

3. frown and frown.

These are mostly failed, and many people often lose their temper with their subordinates. They do not discuss their work with their subordinates.

Even if I am a boss, my face will be miserable, and I will lose my face first. The book says, "If you are proud, your face will be miserable. If you are rich first, you will be poor, and your face will be gentle, humble late hair."

3. Do not follow the bosses with the following styles

1. Boss with complex emotional life

Talent is an iron law. This type of Boss spends the most precious time dealing with emotional disputes, and of course it is impossible to operate the company calmly. In addition, if you are a married man and have been with such a boss for a long time, the husband and wife will look at the opposite. If you are a female, whether married or unmarried, it will have a negative impact on your future happiness.

2. Bosses without successful experience

If your boss has been in the mall for many years and has less than four or more companies, he often said with confidence: I have experienced too many things, and there are not many people who can stand up after me. After all, I am unique. Then you should begin to doubt your choice. Yes, he is unique. It is not easy to stand up from failures several times in a row. On the contrary, if he fails to do his full work several times in a row, he may have some major disadvantages, because luck will not fall on a person. If your boss belongs to this type, you must carefully discuss the cause of multiple failures. How can you be sure that a boss without successful experience will succeed. Unless you can bring him good luck.

3. Be close to the boss

I will always go on a business trip if I don't handle anything? This is what many bosses often talk about and are proud. If the boss needs to participate in his work independently, how can he expect his subordinates to be independent? It is impossible for Independent employees to make mistakes, especially when the boss is absent. If you do not want to be in a well-known small company forever, you 'd better choose an authorized boss and do not care about the current size of the company. In addition, the boss cannot retain real talents. A creative and responsible person will never want the boss to be around. Similarly, how can you expect a company that cannot retain talent to achieve good performance?

4. The boss who wants both fish and bear's paw

There is no white lunch in the world. If you want to have a good horse and a good horse, you must not eat grass. Such a boss can only be called a boss who does not know what to take or what to give. If you have seen such announcements on the company's bulletin board: Tomorrow's central public opinion representative election, employees of the Company are free to go to work. Then you should begin to prepare your resume and seek for a higher level. It is a good idea to go to work freely. Employees at work can receive no overtime. Second, for employees who are lazy and do not go to work, the day of vacation must be difficult. Finally, this is a great opportunity to find a bad guy. The boss who wants to have both the fish and the bear's paw, usually the fish and the bear's paw, is also often a small loss of Big Boss. A successful boss should know what it is to fish with long lines. The boss who caught the chicken and kept the rice from being eroded. In the end, there must be empty hands. Knowing what you get is a condition that a successful boss must possess. If your boss has been unable to overcome this pain, it is time for you to think twice.

5. The boss of Chao linxi

Positive is a virtue, but patience is not a bad thing. The enterprise environment is constantly changing, and the company's decision-making needs to change accordingly. However, the success or failure of any decision must be proved by a considerable amount of time. If your boss is positive but has no patience, you spend a lot of time planning the case, he can cancel it after three days. Or a program that has been brewing for several months is often overthrew by a visitor's sentence. What's even more frustrating is that a plan made according to the boss's instructions is often put in the boss's drawer like a sea of stones. Of course, this kind of boss will interpret his practice as a false decision. This kind of boss will never understand, and not making decisions is also a kind of decision. You will find that the company is very busy, busy cleaning up the mess, busy digging up the east wall to make up the west wall. The boss is proposing new prescriptions all day long, but he will never believe that some diseases can only be cured.

6. old bosses

Unless it is a century-old store, you can always see several founding elders in the company. If you do not find any employees of this kind of national treasures, it is very likely that they will be able to release their weapons after their establishment. Working with such bosses, there is usually a period of honeymoon, a period of half a year, a short period of three weeks. The fixed mode is as follows: after entering the company, the boss will often count in front of you to say that some senior employees are not good, not there. At the peak of the honeymoon period, there will certainly be other new employees joining the company. This type of company usually has a high turnover rate, and the boss starts to praise you in front of you how good new employees are. In the post-honeymoon period, if your honeymoon period is long enough, you will often hear the boss mention that the employee is not usable and is not suitable for the company. Of course, you can see several dramatic resignation events during this period. Of course, the same story will finally happen to you. When you deliver your resignation or the boss asks you to walk in a certain way, he will tell you that we will be good friends in the future. Such bosses cannot objectively assess employee performance. Even if you do a good job of 100th things, but things are screwed up, it is difficult for you to turn over again in front of the boss, unless you can guarantee that your job performance will always satisfy the boss, otherwise, you should be prepared to walk at any time.

7. Boss with different words

The most common saying of such bosses is that it doesn't make any sense for me to make so much money. One of the most important tasks of an enterprise is to pursue profit. Profit is the only lifeblood of the company's survival. Why bother to deliberately deny it? Maybe you have a chance to have dinner with such bosses. After a chicken dish is served, the boss will be busy serving you. In the end, you will find that many parts of the bones are in front of employees, but the boss will enjoy the chicken legs that he has reserved for himself with relish. In such companies, according to the company's regulations, if the rest time is one hour at noon, the boss will usually take 50 minutes to rest, and make a lot of noise to wake the sleeping staff, then I said with a smile: Everyone continues to sleep! Ten minutes later. As long as it takes time, the boss of this kind of inconsistency will inevitably be invisible. Of course, if you hold a true or false outlook on life, that's fine.

8. bosses who love sweet words

Such bosses usually cannot tell who is a good criticism or a malicious attack. It is even more difficult to tell which person is a sincere compliment and who is a charming one. Of course, we cannot expect the boss to be angry when he hears the criticism, because it is human nature to be unwilling to accept the criticism. However, if the criticism in good faith hinders the development of employees in the company, everyone will be chilling. For a long time, unless the boss can discover all the problems, the company's lack of operation will never be improved. More importantly, this kind of environment has the anti-elimination function...

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