Career Success factors: 1 goals, 2 basis points, 3 skills, 4 ideas, 5 points of luck, 6 requirements, 7 points of study, 8 points of communication, 9 habits, 10 points of confidence, 11 traps, 12 points of effort "excerpt"

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Chapter One: a goal

A ship without a sailing target, wind in any direction is upwind.

1, why you are poor, the 1th is that you have not set a goal to become rich

2. What is your core goal in life? The fundamental difference between a distinguished person and a mediocre is not a gift, an opportunity, but a goal.

3, one step ahead of the start, life ahead of a big step: Success starts from the selected target

4, Jenkins type of people will never succeed? Why most people do not succeed. Only 5% of the people who can really accomplish their own plans are the ones who are not abandoning their goals, or are becoming less idealistic.

5. If you want to succeed by the age of 35, you must establish your goal in life between the ages of 25-30 years.

6, daily, monthly, every year to ask yourself: whether I have reached their goals

Chapter II: Two points of success

Stand good position, adjust the mentality, and strive to sprint, 35 years old before the success

(a) Life orientation

1, people fear into the wrong line: your core competitiveness is what.

2, successful people find ways, losers find excuses

3. Choose your favorite from the 360 lines. Everyone can start a business, but not everyone can start a successful business

4, find their own golden treasure

(ii) Eternal truth: Mentality determines destiny, 35 years old mentality determines your life destiny

1, dissatisfied with the status of the people can become rich

2, dare to dream, the courage to dream, the world will always belong to the pursuit of dream people

3, 35 years old before fear, after 35 years old do not regret

4, born to the poor, not a lifetime is the poor, as long as you always keep that enterprising heart. Most of China's successful people come from small places

5, to be a positive thinker

6, do not lose to the pessimistic self. Some people are 1000 times times richer than you are, and they are 1000 times times smarter than you. No, they're just 1000 times times taller than you when they are young.

Life is a good many times failure, and finally not to lose to others, but to the pessimistic self.

7, the success is only climbed up than down one more time

8, rather go to a wall, also do not at home walls to overcome your failure, negative mentality

(1) Find a place to drink.

(2) Find a disco to dance

(3) Looking for a friend Regaling mountain

(4) Active action

Chapter III: three Skills

1. Management time: Where your time is and where your accomplishments are. A man who sees an hour as 60 Minutes is 60 times times more than an hour.

2, you do not finance, wealth ignore you

3, self-management, ease

(1) Entrepreneurship is not afraid of the small, the brain must be better

(2) You can open a specialty store

(3) Doing business that others do not want to do

the fourth chapter: four Concepts

Must form a personal style before the age of 35

1, life is better than doing things. Failure to do things can be repeated, a man failed but not again

(1) To be honest

(2) Never be discouraged

2, open-minded men have money, open-minded women have to help the husband shipped. Get married before 35 years old.

3, the principle of loyalty: 35 years ago you have not established a reputation for loyalty, this shortcoming will haunt your life

4, do small things, but do not play smart. The Chinese want to do great things too many people, and would like to do small things perfect people too few

Fifth chapter: Five Points of luck

Bill Gates said: Life is not fair, be accustomed to accept it

1, life does have a lot of luck of the adult: The man, the god of the day: China's adage account for half
2. Opportunity comes unexpectedly, but belongs to those who should never give up.

3, seize every opportunity of life. Chances are like a bird, if you don't catch it, it'll fly without a trace.

4, the wise man is one step ahead, the fool is one step late

the sixth chapter: six Requirements

1. Wisdom

(1) Others can take everything from you, but not your wisdom.

(2) Clever use of your own wisdom

(3) The difference between a wise man and a Fool

2. Courage

(1) The power of courage can sometimes make you a Superman.

(2) Dare to give up, dare to willing

3, cultivate their own leadership skills, leadership temperament

(1) Passion infects others

(2) Three O Seven rule to achieve leadership temperament

(3) Decision-determination ability

(4) Personality charm

4, Creativity: Do not do the rules of the People

The 25-35-year-old is the most creative stage in life, and many successful people are born at this stage.

5. Wise

(1) Know your strengths, weaknesses, directional focus

(2) Try to work in your area of familiarity

6, the sustained action: in your selected industry adhere to

The seventh chapter: seven-minute study

1. Knowledge changes destiny.
Learn all the necessary knowledge in your industry by the age of 2.35-to eliminate yourself every day, to be a business man, and to be a laborer only if you believe in books.
3. Think, practice, think, and practice again.

The eighth chapter: eight points of communication

A friend has a good way to go:
1. IQ is important, EQ is more important: Be sure to build a network before you are 35 years old.
2. The network is the financial vein.
3. Friends have principles.
4. Good communication: Before 35 years old must exercise their own speech, many successful people first is a good orator.

The Nineth chapter: nine Points of habit

The power of habit is staggering, and the habit of being 35 years old determines the size of your success.
1. Good habits of positive thinking.
2. Develop a good habit of working efficiently--learn to like and get used to your office; Life can be informal, but work must be cautious; Learn to listen and not interrupt others to speak.
3. Develop a good habit of exercising your body.
4. Good habits of a wide range of hobbies.
5. Good habit of quick action.

The Tenth chapter: very confident
1. Self-confidence is the spiritual pillar of success.
2. Confidence can win the trust of others.
3. Build confidence on the basis of value creation.
4. How to build self-confidence-set goals for yourself, play with your strengths, plan, not procrastinate, give up, learn to be self-motivated, and be yourself.

11th: 11 Pitfalls to avoid

1. Only credit, no elbow grease;
2. Do not "underappreciated", but to find opportunities;
3. Don't think of a windfall;
4. Do not work for money, but let money work for you;
5. Blindly follow suit, conform, people do I also do;
6. Small rich namely Ann, do not think enterprising, contented;
7. Acknowledge errors rather than conceal them;
8. Down-to-earth rather than fantasy;
9. Ambition is too big to be full of confidence;
10. Repeated job-hopping cannot be taken;
11. Above his business;

The 12th chapter: More than efforts

No one can casually succeed:
1. Small is not success, big is not success, from small to big is success;
2. Chinese society into the era of meager profit: Smarter + Dare to do + hard work = success;
3. There is a possibility of success in trying;
4. Do anything and try your best;
5. To do things as a career;
6. Strive for early excavation of life's first bucket of gold.

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