Cast a coin in Photoshop

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Introduction: Using elliptical marquee tool and path to complete the basic shape of coins. With the base protruding, gaussian blur, texture, filter and curve, layer style finish texture, light and shadow effect.

1, new 600*600,300 resolution, the default front background color. Copy the background layer.

Then create a new layer 1 and use the Elliptical marquee tool to hold down the SHIFT key to pull the positive circle and fill the black. In a narrowing selection of 10 pixels, clear.

Use the ellipse path tool to pull out the positive circle and enter text (script) along the path "People's Bank of China".

Enter other text that you want to enter. Note the font and text size, position.

1 Yuan of 1 words is checked out with the path, and then strokes the path. After the completion of the figure.

Complete the basic shape of coins with elliptical marquee and path

2. Merge all layers except the background layer and name the merged layer as a coin.

Use the Magic Wand tool point to remove the white part of the coin Layer Black circle, press the DELETE key to clear and copy the coin layer.

Merging and copying layers

3, on the coin copy layer to perform the filter-sketch-the base highlights, details 15, smooth 1, light on the left.

Substrate Highlight filter parameter settings

4, Gaussian blur 1 pixels.

Gaussian Blur 1 pixels

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