Causes of SD card data loss and data restoration methods

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Causes of SD card data loss

Why are SD card files lost? Is the opening method incorrect? Or cannot the SD card be read by the computer? In fact, there are various factors that may cause SD card data loss. Only by figuring out the status and causes can we better solve the problem, including:

Factor 1: plug-in failure

If the SD card cannot be read, first check whether the card reader interface and computer interface are damaged, try multiple verification times, and insert it on another computer to check whether the SD card can be read.

Factor 2: too many stains on the SD card

Most users do not regularly maintain the SD card. Therefore, after using the metal area of the SD card for a long time, there will inevitably be dust or oil pollution, leading to poor contact with the card slot, and there will be a situation that cannot be read. In this case, you can check whether there are any dark marks or stains on the SD card. If there is any, clean it with alcohol or water, and then dry it.

Factor 3: viruses in the SD card

When we install new software on our mobile phone or store data on the computer into the SD card, there is a probability that the SD card will be infected with viruses, and then the SD card will not be read, in this case, it is best to use anti-virus software to prevent viruses. If it is invalid, You Can format the SD card.

Factor 4: rust or distortion

Check whether the groove wire of the SD card is distorted or rusted. If it is distorted, the needle is used to correct the wire. If it is rusted, it can be used properly after the rust spots are cleaned.

Factor 5: SD card formatting

If you accidentally delete the data in the SD card, clear the data, or accidentally format the SD card, you can use[Mini rabbit data recovery software]To quickly, efficiently, and securely retrieve the data on the SD card. Step 1. Run the mini rabbit data recovery software and select the 'mobile storage device restore' function.

The Mini rabbit data recovery software not only restores Deleted Data, viruses, formatted and lost data on the SD card for free, but also restores lost files on hard disks, USB disks, and USB storage devices for free, almost all types of files are supported, and data is not damaged or written. Therefore, data loss is not overwritten and the security and recovery capabilities are extremely reliable.

Causes of SD card data loss and data restoration methods

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