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With the development of network technology in recent years, CDN has not only been used to accelerate the website, but also can protect the website from being attacked. The successful establishment of the dynamic acceleration mechanism and the intelligent sinking mechanism in the relevant node of CDN can help the web traffic distribution to each node, intelligent flow Distribution mechanism, if the CDN has been attacked by DDoS. The entire system of CDN can disperse the traffic that is attacked, save the pressure of the site server and the node pressure. At the same time also can enhance the site by hackers to attack the difficulty. Really help service managers to provide more time should be attacked, CDN can effectively prevent DDoS attacks, reduce the harm to the site.

But the CDN anti-DDoS mainly through the traffic dispersion, increase the difficulty of attack, if it is targeted attacks, you will face the risk of being broken, from another level, CDN just alleviates the validity of DDoS attacks, if you want to effectively prevent attacks, you can also use a security defense methods such as DDoS firewall.

DDoS Defense methods:

cleaning filtration of abnormal flow:

Through the filtering of abnormal traffic by DDoS Firewall, the top technology such as packet filtering, data stream fingerprint detection filtering, and custom filtering of packet content can accurately determine whether the foreign traffic flow is normal, and further prohibit the filtering of abnormal traffic. A single load can defend 8,009,270,000 SYN attack packets per second.

Distributed Cluster Defense:

This is the most effective way to guard against large-scale DDoS attacks in the current network security domain. The feature of distributed cluster Defense is to configure multiple IP addresses on each node server. And each node can withstand a DDoS attack of no less than 10G, such as a node under attack can not provide services, the system will automatically switch according to the priority settings of the other node, and the attacker's packet all returned to the point of dispatch, The attack source becomes paralyzed and affects the safety execution decision of the enterprise from the more depth security protection angle.

High-Defense Smart DNS resolution:

The perfect combination of the High intelligent DNS resolution system and the DDoS defense system provides the enterprise with the Super detection function against the emerging security threats. It overturns a traditional domain name corresponding to a mirror of the practice, intelligence based on the user's Internet route to resolve requests for DNS resolution to the user's network server. At the same time, intelligent DNS resolution system also has the function of downtime detection, at any time can be paralyzed server IP intelligence to replace the normal server IP, for the enterprise's network to maintain a never-ending service state.

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