Cdoj 32 Tree War (Battle on the tree) Problem solving report

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Ah ah, the last article, has more than 0 points, I also intend to write a first time to work to make money to do the feeling of tutoring ...

Then there is time to do the final question, it is not very difficult to roar?

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Very simple topic, compare a tree with a root tree of two nodes which height.

Similarly, the use of a wide search. Do not ask why I call a wide search, do not let me pressure code to look like, programming is an art ...

Maybe I should standardize the naming of const variables, for example.

#include <cstdio> #include <cstring>using namespace std;const int maxn = 100005;int N, m;int G[MAXN], TO[MAXN], NEXT[MAXN], E;int root, Father[maxn];int QUEUE[MAXN], head, tail, Depth[maxn];int nextint () {char C; while (C = GetChar ( )) < ' 0 ' | | C > ' 9 '); int r = C-' 0 '; while ((c = GetChar ()) >= ' 0 ' && C <= ' 9 ') (r *=) + = C-' 0 '; return r;} void Addedge (int u, int v) {Next[e] = G[u]; To[e] = v; g[u] = e++;} void BFs (int root) {memset (depth, 0, sizeof depth); for (queue[head = tail = 0] = root; head <= tail; ++head) for (int E = G[queue[head]], child = to[e]; ~e; Child = To[e = Next[e]]) if (child! = Father[queue[head]]) depth[child] = Depth[queue[head]] + 1, queue[++tail] = child;} int main () {while ((N = Nextint ()) && (M = Nextint ())) {memset (g,-1, sizeof g); e = 0;memset (father, 0, sizeof FA ther); for (int i = 1; i < N; ++i) {int A = Nextint (), B = Nextint (); Addedge (A, B); father[b] = A;} for (int i = 1; I <= N; ++i) if (!father[i]) {root =I break;} BFS (Root), while (m--) {int X = Nextint (), Y = Nextint (), if (Depth[x] <= depth[y]) puts ("Lxh"); else puts ("PFZ");}} return 0;}

OK, I'll write a real line to search. In fact, the above BFS just changed the variable name and added a space and line, some variable names slightly changed, can be compared to the above BFS function.

for(q[h=t=0]=rt;h<=t;++h)for(int e=g[q[h]];~e;e=nxt[e])if(to[e]!=p[q[h]])d[to[e]]=d[q[h]]+1,q[++t]=to[e];

Kill me, this piece of code is too ugly.

Cdoj 32 Tree War (Battle on the tree) Problem solving report

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