CDONTS. NewMail members (methods, properties ...) )

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Sub Attachfile (ByVal Source, [ByVal FileName], [ByVal Encodingmethod])
File attachment
Attaches a file to the mail

Sub Attachurl (ByVal Source, ByVal contentlocation, [ByVal contentbase], [ByVal Encodingmethod])
URL Address Attachment
Attaches a file or data as a URL

Property BCC as String
Write only
Blind carbon Copy
Comma separated list of BCC recipients

Property Body as Variant
Write only
Text or HTML-formatted message body
Text or HTML formatted mail body

Property BodyFormat as Long
Write only
Message physical type
Body format

Property Cc as String
Write only
Comma separated list of Cc recipients

Property Contentbase as String
Write only
The root address of the URL attachment
Base URL to the "body in Mail" with URL attachments

Property Contentlocation as String
Write only
The content address of the URL attachment
URL to the "body in Mail" with URL attachments

Property from as String
Write only
From (Reply to address)
From Address for mail

Property importance as Long
Write only
Emergency level (low, normal, emergency)
Mail importance, low, normal, or high

Property MailFormat as Long
Write only
Message format
Mail format

Sub Send ([ByVal from], [ByVal to], [ByVal Subject], [ByVal body], [ByVal importance])
Sends the mail

Sub Setlocaleids (ByVal Codepageid as Long)
Set Area ID Code
The Setlocaleids method sets the Codepage ID to the new message.

Property Subject as String
Write only
Message subject
Mail subject

property to as String
Write only
Recipient address
Comma separated list of to recipients

Property Value (ByVal Bstrheader As String) as String
Write only
Mail header file
Arbitrary mail Header Value

Property Version as String
Version number of the component that sent the message
The Version property returns the version number of the collaboration Data Objects Library.

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