Cell WLAN Wireless card above no signal, with the test software can not find the signal processing method

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Failure phenomena:

There is no CMCC signal on the wireless card, and can not be scanned with the test software.

Cause Analysis:

The main reason is that the AP is dropped or the antenna is flooded or destroyed

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1. received XX Community 5th Building Customer complaints, to the scene with a notebook test, signal strength of about 90, to the balcony to observe the opposite building antenna distance from this test location found the antenna on the opposite side of the 20M distance, from this analysis, should be AP drop line, or the antenna and the feeder connection is not good cause.

2. on the opposite side of the 3 good roof found that the roof of the feeder has been removed, the AP has no connection with the high-gain antenna. Then went down to get the short feeder, after the new connection. Field test signal strength changed to-45 or so, very good. Call the customer to start the new computer and try again. The customer reflects or does not have a signal to search. This analysis is the problem of the client computer itself.

3. then came to the customer's home, using our notebook test everything is normal. Wireless Zero Configuar Wireless Configuration service is not turned on with the customer's computer, resulting in the inability to search for signals.

4. Enter the system Services list, found that the service is turned on, the computer began to prompt a "need Windows itself to configure the wireless network", so that the customer's wireless card driver installation and Windows own wireless network configuration conflict caused by the The wireless card driver needs to be reinstalled.

5. When you select only "Install drivers" during the installation process, you are back to normal.

Experience Summary:

1 , AP failure to replace the failed AP can be resolved.

2 , reinstall the NIC driver to resolve the problem of unable to search for a signal.

3 , troubleshoot the problem, carefully analyze the most direct cause of the problem. For example, feeder water or discharge is not good.

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Cell WLAN Wireless card above no signal, with the test software can not find the signal processing method

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