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If your system is not installed using the command to install

#yum Install FIREWALLD//install FIREWALLD Firewall

Open service

# Systemctl Start Firewalld.service

Shutdown firewall

# Systemctl Stop Firewalld.service

Boot auto Start

# Systemctl Enable Firewalld.service

Turn off the boot brake boot

# systemctl Disable Firewalld.service

View status

#systemctl Status Firewalld

To get the result if it is

firewalld.service-firewalld-dynamic Firewall daemon
Loaded:loaded (/usr/lib/systemd/system/firewalld.service; enabled; vendor preset:enabled)
Active:active (running) since Mon 2016-09-05 02:34:07 UTC; 15min ago
Main pid:3447 (FIREWALLD)

Sep 02:34:07 Vultr.guest systemd[1]: Starting firewalld-dynamic Firewall daemon ...
Sep 02:34:07 vultr.guest systemd[1]: Started firewalld-dynamic firewall.

There's no problem with this description.

Set Firwall

Using the Firewall-cmd command

View status

#firewall-cmd--state//running represents running

Get the active zone


This command will output the interfaces that each zone contains in the following format:

<zone1>: <interface1> <interface2>. <zone2>: <interface3>.

Get all supported services


Each service is separated by a space such as:

rh-satellite-6 amanda-client bacula bacula-client dhcp DHCPv6 dhcpv6-client DNS Freeipa-ldap freeipa-ldaps Freeipa-replication FTP high-availability http HTTPS imaps IPP ipp-client IPSec iscsi-target Kerberos kpasswd LDAP ldaps l Ibvirt libvirt-tls mdns mountd MS-WBT mysql NFS ntp openvpn pmcd pmproxy pmwebapi pmwebapis pop3s PostgreSQL RA Dius rpc-bind rsyncd samba samba-client smtp ssh telnet tftp tftp-client transmission-client vdsm vnc-server

The services that are supported by the permanent option are also spent after restarting

#firewall-cmd--get-service--permanent//in FIREWALLD version prior to 0.3.0, panic option is –enable-panic and –disable-panic

Open Emergency mode to block all network connections

#firewall-cmd--panic-on//in FIREWALLD version prior to 0.3.0, panic option is –enable-panic and –disable-panic

Turn off emergency mode


View the status of the contingency mode


To reload the firewall without changing the state:


The firewall predefined service profile is an XML file directory in/usr/lib/firewalld/services/

There are also profiles in the/etc/firewalld/services/directory but the/etc/firewalld/services/directory takes precedence over the/usr/lib/firewalld/services/directory

Reload with command after modifying configuration file


Enable a service

# firewall-cmd--zone=public--add-service=https/Temp
# firewall-cmd--permanent--zone=public--add-service=https Permanent

Open a port

#firewall-cmd--zone=public 8080-8081/TCP//Temporary

To load settings with a command


To view open ports and services

#firewall-cmd--permanent--zone=public--list-services//service spaces, such as dhcpv6-client HTTPS SS 
#firewall-cmd- Permanent--zone=public--list-ports//Port spaces For example 8080-8081/tcp 8388/tcp 80/tcp

/etc/firewalld/zones/public.xml files are modified each time the ports and services are modified so that they can be modified and reloaded between the files.

Set an IP access to a service

#firewall-cmd--permanent--zone=public--add-rich-rule= "rule family=" IPv4 "source address=" "service Name= "http" accept "

IP Access http

Public.xml will change when you set it up
Delete the rules set above

#firewall-cmd--permanent--zone=public--remove-rich-rule= "rule family=" IPv4 "source address=" " Service Name= "http" accept "

Start a service

#systemctl start Firewalld.service//Open service
#systemctl enable Firewalld.service//Boot brake start

#systemctl Stop Firewalld.service//Off service
#systemctl disable Firewalld.service//disable boot

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