CENTOS7 Firewall Firewall Configuration rules

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Simple configuration, reference learning:
–permanent This parameter is added at the beginning or end of the command when a permanent state is set, otherwise the setting fails after overloading or restarting the firewall.

Open port: firewall-cmd–zone=public–add-port=80/tcp–permanent firewall-cmd–zone=public–add-port=22/tcp– Permanent

Common ports
redis:6379 7000 7001 7002

You can specify more than one at a time: firewall-cmd–zone=public–permanent–add-port=111/tcp–add-port=139/tcp–add-port=445/tcp

View all open ports: firewall-cmd–list-port firewall-cmd–zone=public–list-ports

Open camouflage: firewall-cmd [–zone=zone]–add-masquerade firewall-cmd–remove-masquerade firewall-cmd– Query-masquerade

Add Zone Interface: firewall-cmd [–zone=zone]–add-interface= Firewall-cmd–zone=public–add-interface=eth0

List the attributes of all enabled zones
All attributes enabled for the output region. If you omit a range, the information for the default zone is displayed Firewall-cmd–zone=public–list-all

To enable a service:
Firewall-cmd–add-service=vnc-server firewall-cmd–zone=public–add-service=nfs–add-service=samba–add-service= Samba-client–permanent

Firewall-cmd–remove-service=service Removal Service
Enquiry: Firewall-cmd–list-service

NAT Address Translation:
Firewall-cmd [–zone=]–add-forward-port=port=[-]:p roto= {: toport=[-] |: toaddr=

| :toport=[-]:toaddr= }


Local forwarding: firewall-cmd–add-forward-port=port=9898:proto=tcp:toport=8088:toaddr=

Enquiry: firewall-cmd–list-forward-port firewall-cmd–list-port firewall-cmd–list-all

Removal: firewall-cmd–remove-forward-port=port=222:proto=tcp:toport=333:toaddr= firewall-cmd– remove-forward-port=222:proto=tcp:toport=333:toaddr=

Graphical Configuration tool: # Firewall-config

Custom rules:
/sbin/iptables-t filter-i input_direct 2-s tcp–dport=22-j DROP
usage:–direct–add-rule {IPv4 | ipv6 | eb}

firewall-cmd–permanent–direct–add-rule IPv4 filter INPUT 1-s tcp–dport=22-j ACCEPT firewall-cmd–permanent–direct–add-rule IPv4 filter INPUT 2-p tcp–dport=22-j DROP Firewall-cmd–reload Firewall-cmd–direct–get-all-rules

IPv4 filter INPUT 1-s tcp–dport=22-j ACCEPT
IPv4 filter INPUT 2-p tcp–dport=22-j DROP

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