CGFTP--FTP/gridftp graphics client 0.9 alpha release!

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After several months of efforts (once interrupted), the FTP/gridftp graphics client we developed was finally released!

Cgftp-FTP/gridftp GUI client ver 0.9 alpha
Release Notes

Release-notes, v0.9 2005/05/22 23:40:00
System Requirements
JRE 1.4.2 or later versions

Support for FTP
Most FTP servers


Ftp:// 2121/= incoming =/GRID/

File List
App. config
Cgftp. Jar
Cryptix. Jar
Dom4j. Jar
You can use Java-jar cgftp. jar or double-click cgftp. Jar (in Windows) to run.

Description and known issues
1. It can run stably in Linux to solve the problem of having no powerful graphic interface transmission tool in Linux for a long time.
2. There are some problems in the Windows interface and operations, which will be corrected later. You can pay attention to the download FTP address in time.
3. Due to certificate authentication problems, the function of connecting to gridftp server can only be used in Linux.
4. The software style is similar to CuteFTP Pro in windows. You can refer to this software for operation.
5. Third-party transmission is supported. You can drag a file with the mouse to transfer data from the server to the server and from the server to the local machine.
6. This software is in Alpha internal testing phase. In the event of file misoperations, It is not responsible.

Software (old)

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