Change of property tax in Shanghai

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Change of property tax in Shanghai

I am not a Shanghai hukou, 2013 in Shanghai to buy a room, there is a residence permit, but did not handle residence card points, 2015 residence permit points to do down, you can apply for property tax change and tax refund. If you want to apply for a tax refund, you must first apply for a property tax change (by the way, to remind the people who work in Shanghai, if you can do residence permits and points, the early to the residence permit and points to run down, later to run a certificate will be more convenient; After buying a house, a residence permit of three years or 120 points can also

A list of materials to be prepared for changes to the property tax (two copies of the original and photocopy of the information below):

1. ID card for both husband and wife

2. A child's birth certificate

3. Marriage certificate

4. Hukou for couples and children

5. Residence permit

6. Proof of residence card credit

7. Production Certificate

8. Purchase contract

9. Personal Property Tax Certification notice when buying a house

When the material is ready, go to the tax center of the property Exchange Center (I'm going to Pudong Post Building, No. No. 2899, Pudong Zhangyang Road. ), the process is as follows:

1. First go to the second floor West Hall to take the number

2. Waiting for the station-to-station, need to check the original and submit a copy (the day of the release of the list will be processed, this will wait a long time)

3. After processing, you will be asked to go to 6th or 8th to review, take out the invoice, first floor to the previous tax paid off

4. Take the tax-paid invoice and go back to number 6th or 8th, and you'll be given a copy of the materials you need to verify how many suites you have.

5. Take the material to the third floor to line up the number

6. Waiting for the station-to-station, here also need to check the original and submit a copy, after processing, will return to you a material, the above agreed on what time you can come to collect a new personal property certification notice, usually 20 days later.

At this time, the personal property tax changes will be finished, you need to start preparing the tax refund information. I have not done the tax rebate, and so on to improve, I hope to help everyone.


Change of property tax in Shanghai

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