Change the color of my house

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Changing a simple color for your home seems to have a new passion and freshness, just like when I was a child (not too small, I already had a high school ), if you don't want to learn, go to the stationery store and buy a new ballpoint pen or exercise book to stimulate your interest in books. * ^_^ *.
I have been surprised to know that my blog has received dozens of visits every day since I added a counter, I didn't even know that I had so many diving experts in my house. A few days ago, my roommates told me that one of her lab students knew my blog. Let's take a look at what we have written without any technology. ArticleIt's all your own stream-like text, and it's thanks to the love of your brother on the road. Searching for My name using Google makes it easy to find my home. Haha, it's also on the list, but I won't write my own blog for others, because this is my website.
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Two days ago, I was put in a cage and bored. I met lvls and said that I had entered the last side of XX Company. Haha, it would be nice if he came in too. We were classmates and colleagues, even though he signed the agreement with Sybase.

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