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I believe many friends have upgraded to Apple's newest lion system. One of the first things you might find in countless UI improvements is that using the touchpad to control the default screen scrolling direction follows the methods in the iOS device. That is, scroll up the page UP, scroll down the page down. This is completely different from what we used to do in the previous operating system. In fact, if you want to continue to use the original screen scrolling method, in the system setup inside open trackpad and then put the circle position in the picture above the hook to remove the good. (My Mac is a bit old, the touchpad doesn't support full multi-touch technology, so what you see may be different from the above)-here's a screenshot of MC723LL/A's MBP under Lion-

Remove the rolling direction: The natural front of the hook can be. The Magic trackpad Setup interface is the same as the previous image, except that the example is changed, as shown in the following figure:

The same applies to Magic Mouse, as shown below:

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