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Guide I am Fedora's old user, from four years ago in touch with embedded Linux began, Fedora is my desktop operating system, has never been replaced by other operating systems, and occasionally try will be installed the next day. The longer you use the more you like, concise, beautiful, stable, no one hit me, today has been four years, so write something to commemorate.

Use Impressions

In fact, Linux and Windows for so many years, its desktop operating system market share is still very poor. Although the two years seems to be more and more open source software fire, but it is still concentrated in the Geek circle. It is difficult to have a normal person who has not written a program to accept Linux, and the steep entry curve is enough to scare off a lot of little rookies. You have enjoyed the convenience of Linux geek, do not forget the pain you have, do not forget that one after another pit, so remember, do not recommend the Linux operating system to others, unless someone else volunteered to come to the door.

People who use and love Linux operating systems (or should be called gnu/linux) give the impression that they are smart, kind, naïve, insecure. This should be a compliment, because I am the same person (well, as if by passing the following). Linux Father Linus Torvalds is such temperament, like a cat, the skill is vigorous, full of strength, love freedom. Temperament, mainly temperament, Linus fat beer belly and skill vigorous is not related.

In the world of Linux, you are God (you mean root). Basically, you can do anything with Linux, RM-RF/command is a simple example, you can also delete the kernel placed on the hard disk, and then recompile a replacement for it. Linux doesn't limit you, it assumes you always know what you're doing. This is an indescribable charm for programmers or engineers, and it's exciting enough to think about what can be done.

I used Linux to do SCM MSP430 development, because the MSP430 does not set the chip unique serial number, if we need a UUID, you can generate one, and the program to write into the Flash. Mspdebug is open source software, from the official website to obtain its source code, in its UI/DEVCMD.C file in the Do_cmd_prog () function, fork child process call Uuidgen program, get a unique serial number, call Device_writemem () function to write to the corresponding address.

This is unthinkable for commercial software because we may not be able to connect with software developers, and even if contacted, he or she may not be willing or qualified to help us debug this function; In the Linux world, I only need to add less than 100 lines in the Mspdebug source code, as well as the use of C language and GCC compilers, MSP430 SCM address assignment, fork and Exec methods ... Open source software lowers the threshold for creativity, which has profoundly changed the world from the day it was born.

There are many kinds of Linux desktop distributions, they each have their own characteristics, there is no good or bad points, only appropriate, or whether there are opportunities. Ubuntu is very easy to use, it takes a lot of thought for non programmers, OpenSUSE is very beautiful and gorgeous; Gentoo is a highly optimized operating system for advanced users ... When I first started to touch embedded Linux development, the Development Board manual recommended the host operating system is fedora, so far, Fedora has been updated to 24, it has always been to help and facilitate my work and life. Fedora features a simple

This is also the deepest feeling that it gives me, unless a configuration, library, or program is the logical choice for most users, it will be included in the installation, so LibreOffice is the default installer, and GIMP is not; Firewalld is the default installer, and the graphical interface Firewall-config is not. Fedora's system setup options are very small, touch pad "Tap to click" Can be set, but the mouse color, size cannot be changed (you can install Gnome-tweak-tool to set system and mouse themes); Wallpaper can be changed, but the top taskbar cannot change position and shape Font is always the classic, Source Han Sans CN I spent a whole four years, to today I do not know what the screensaver ... Accustomed to such a small selection of state, so that no longer the details of the system aesthetic report any expectations. Nothing to change, the default is very good, like a clean and tidy kitchen, there is a stove, there is a sink, there are racks, but there is no extra things, pots and pans, please buy their own, microwave ovens oven cooker go out right turn electrical city. This is a reasonable building, hydroelectric safety of the kitchen, waiting for its users to build their own mind of a better life. Complete

This seems to be in conflict with the simplicity of the previous one, but they are not contradictory. It's easy to use Fedora to bring up a computer, and you don't usually have to worry about a piece of hardware that doesn't recognize it, or the installation steps are too cumbersome. When I can't start a computer with a system image, Fedora usually completes the task successfully. It has a complete support for hardware and a complete support for installation methods. Fedora on the home page is described as: "Less configuration, more innovation." Just select a Fedora product that meets your needs, and you can start using it immediately. "Its design concept has formed its own unique temperament." Compliant with Linux programming standards

Install a software under Fedora and if it prompts for a dependency, the dependency must be found in most Linux distributions. If a piece of code compiles correctly under Fedora, its compilation in other Linux distributions is usually not a problem. Updated quickly

If the software or library has the latest stable version, Fedora usually updates it immediately, rather than retaining the old version. When Fedora 24 was just released, there was a problem with libreoffice pasting the picture, but then the update was fixed. The rapid updating can be helped by the high standards and diligence of the Fedora community, but also by the Redhat company's strong support for Fedora projects.

Many people will have the impression that Fedora is a Redhat mouse, so it is definitely radical, risky and has a lot of destabilizing factors. In fact, however, because Fedora is a desktop release for the server, its development strategy is still biased. It is strictly defined within the framework of standard Linux, and if a program offers shortcuts rather than a logical approach, it is hard to be accepted by Fedora unless it exists for shortcuts in nature. It also means the so-called Fedora is not suitable for technology development, but most people's stereotype. I was under Fedora under the STM32, MSP430, Qt and OpenCV and so on, almost all very smooth, circuit-making software Cadsoft Eagle will always be good to run. In fact, the Fedora system is ideal for embedded development, which, in my view, is more appropriate than Windows or other Linux distributions.

The Cathedral and market, Eric.s.raymand's book, deals with the reasons the market (open source culture) can rival the cathedral (commercial development), the programmer's quest for freedom and sharing, and the unparalleled creativity that this brings. Today's Fedora has gone through the 13th year, it accompanies me through the life of the fastest growing four years, will continue to accompany my next life.

Bless you, Fedora. Bless you, free and share the open source world.

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