Changes in user requirements will affect the order in which keywords are ranked

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Keyword ranking instability is known to all, each algorithm changes the ranking will have a different change, some of the site rankings rise, and some sites decline, which with the optimization of the site has a certain relationship, long-term adherence to optimization, has a stable content updates and external chain release, then the algorithm changes the Web keyword may go up, In addition through the professional Shanghai Web Site Construction Association Network for many years of experience found that this may be related to some of the details of the site (such as the structure of the site, the layout of keywords in the station, etc.), the recent introduction of Baidu anti-spam strategy, many sites have been punished to varying degrees, in addition to these man-made factors, There is one thing seoer can't control, that is, the user's needs change.

Why do users ' needs affect the ranking of keywords? Because search engines consider the user experience, the most suitable for the user's needs of the site in front of, from the previous classification information site can see this, 58, market These high weight sites, almost long tail keywords are ranked in the forefront, But there are other sites that are now in front of them, because they don't immediately meet the needs of users, and must be searched two times to find the information.

See seoer often search seo this keyword, top three is seowhy forum, Chinaz SEO tools and Zac personal blog, but in this algorithm before the change, seowhy forum has been photographed in the Chinaz SEO Comprehensive query tool behind, Many friends think that the main reason for the Seowhy forum rankings is that the weight of the site is very high, the daily user browsing is very high, in fact, Chinaz query tool weight is not worse than it, and the real ranking change is the main reason for the search SEO this keyword user needs have changed, Previous user Search SEO main needs may be to find tools to come, and now search SEO users are in order to find SEO training related sites, or to further enhance the SEO technology to the training of the knowledge more interested, from SEO tools and SEO training keyword comparison can be found, SEO Training of the search volume has undergone a significant increase, such as the figure (SEO training and SEO tools three months of daily search volume contrast):


From the search of the keyword, you can find that SEO tool search volume has been in a steady trend, the average daily search volume is about 900, and SEO training from the April 6 of 2012, the search volume has changed, the daily search users are increasing, once let a lot of training class site in the front of the first few positions.

It can be seen that the keyword ranking is not controllable, in addition to man-made factors, there are user needs change, this time Baidu's site adjustment is not an accidental factor. For the Site keyword control, although relatively is not controllable, but do two preparation for the keyword ranking is still very necessary.

First, the user needs analysis

Always focus on what the user is interested in, from the Keyword drop-down box can be clearly aware of this, because it is based on the user's search volume ranking, ranked in front of the user is the most search, nature is the user's most attention, it is descending from high to low order, such as SEO needs analysis:


Second, the adjustment of the demand within the station

Now that you know what the user's needs have changed, the content of the Web site can not be static, must make relative to the changes, the current user needs most of the content displayed in the site, eliminate some useless content, this requires webmaster time to do a good job of the site to fine-tune the preparation, only to meet the user's site ranking can be lasting.

In order to make the site user experience better in addition to the site's structure is reasonable, the content of the station is often changed is also less than, in the era of user experience, to meet the user's website in the fierce competition to stand out.

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