Changsha snacks are delicious and famous places

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Changsha snacks are delicious and famous places
One of the best stinks in Changsha: three rounds in the shazitang area (at least 10 years of history! Almost all the children in Dongtang have grown up eating their stinks! By the way, the terminal of the 146 bus has a bad smell .) There is also one station in labor square, which is sold in a limited quantity every night. I have never tried it. I don't know why, but I have a bad impression on it. There have been more and more names for the laid-off cards in the streets of the 14th, and their range is also large, not just from the 14th to the 23th, but from the 13th to the 23th ~ You don't have to wait in line. You just need to check it ~~ I am very good at selling the slogan ~ :)
The best sugar Oil in Changsha: Li Gong miao (there are also many good: one behind the WAN Dai, inside Nanyang Street .......)
The best sweet potato in Changsha City: water pond (it's an old public fried, this is also a season, only in the dark winter season! And only after! At this time, the old male put the stall in front of his fruit shop, wearing a thick cotton-padded jacket, often blow up and fall asleep! However, I bought his zookeeper and waited in the queue almost every day! Blow up one and sell one! Haha) I suddenly remembered that many people may not know where the pond is. OK: opposite to the main road of the Dongcheng Hotel in dingwangtai!
By the way, I have already seen that the old man has come up with the best fried sweet potato in Changsha ~ Haha, he fell asleep with a cotton jacket ~ But today there is no sweet potato pie. I carefully checked the house name today: Baisha Road, No. 35
The best choice in Changsha: Shaoshan Road is a street in a vegetable market in shazitang. The business is very good every morning! (But the boss has a problem. When you don't apply for it, it smells pretty dull. If you like it, you must apply for the boss to add some salt !)
The best fan in Changsha: The name of zhangzheng Street (of course, I am still very supportive of the sisheng garden next to it, but it is getting worse and worse now. As for other Yang luxing, I don't have to pay more for HUANG Chun or anything)
The best foot cake in Changsha: There is a foot cake in the farm of jiangjiaxiang at Terminal 146! (In fact, it can be done in many places, but it is not as good as before ~ Haha)
The best fried bananas in Changsha: It's hard to find the alley in the place of wenmiaopiping ~ Ha, patience, 1.1 can be found !!
The best thing in Changsha is the fort rice: I advocate the people opposite the geological correction, and there is one around 50 meters next to it. Although the environment is not as good as the people, however, I have heard that HOHO is better than others. Then there was a fort Tai meal at chigang Chong rice field middle school. The boss was very polite ~ Haha ~ Today I heard that there is also a delicious dish on the opposite side of No. 1 school. If you are free, you must try it out!
Is it the best frog in Changsha? It is also on the water tupang side. It is called "four full" and there are some oil-hitting poems sent by others. It is very long and must be regarded as four full ~
Changsha's best-taste shrimp: I forgot the name of the fat man in the fishing Bay City in Hexi, because this place also needs luck. It was delicious when I went to eat for the first time, the oil and water in the shrimp cannot be said to be the oil and water. It looks like the sauce !! Delicious ~ Wow, haha ~~~~~~~ However, it was delicious to eat later, but it never felt like a "sauce! I am particularly disgusted with the things in the south gate! "Recently, I have had a lot of small shrimps, but they are not fresh and have no taste. In order to take them orally and in the environment, everyone should be opposed to eating prawns !"
The best roasted seeds and seeds in Changsha: dummies in the Labor square! Haha, I haven't been here for a long time ~ I am a loyal customer there!
The best fried chestnut in Changsha: the chestnut of tianxing ~ There are many branches on the street, but there are often false ones! Alas, I regret that I have never found a very popular chestnut store! If I talk about Shanghai, I know where it is ~~
The best barbecue in Changsha: Needless to say, it must be a barbecue in the sand pond, a dry pot street ~~ It's cheap, and it's delicious. hoho doesn't want to compete with me !!
The best stir-fried broad bean in Changsha: although there were bad negative news in the lotus pond (No. 13 middle gate), it was indeed the best ~~
The best fish pot in Changsha: What kind of store is there in the boiler factory in Changsha? I can't remember it now. I didn't go to eat what others said, and I will change it right away!
The best match in Changsha: Good in Yanshan Street! In addition, there is a yanyang mairang in the kiln Ridge ~ Although there is no such good food in zhengyiyang Pedestrian Street, it is also very good Haha ~~~~~
The best twist in Changsha: the one near no. 16 zhuzheng Street, which has n years of history!
The best choice in Changsha: in fact, the best choice in Changsha was that one of the people who picked up the burden from Lishan every day at the shazitang's old food farm. They have never found that delicious food, only the shazitang mouth walk into the barbecue Street. A Japanese restaurant tastes good ~ Now, we can find that one of the Tianjin region on the Lower River Street is crazy, fresh, and completely different from that in Changsha! Be sure to try again!
The best barbecue shop in Changsha is located at the Provincial Sports Commission! Many people have been impressed by the fact that they have already been split. There are still many, even new stores, which taste good. Then I recommend that you roast chicken ~~
However, I am still pushing the sand pond ~~~
The best cool and cool preserved in Changsha City: jinmandi.
Tangyuan, the best option in Changsha, is near the door of the Pedestrian Street. It is only for the Lantern Festival! 15 yuan a basin! Haha ~~~~
The best hot and sour powder in Changsha: The Pedestrian Street department's door is inside the second house! (It was the one that used to be outside. Later I moved to the room. The environment was good, and there was a location to sit down, and there was a hot chocolate drink !)
The best and affordable layout in Changsha: Guilin rice noodles ~ :) I don't need to introduce it more? In addition, the Service is very good!
The best small cage in Changsha: Not found yet. I will know about Shanghai! This is generally false! Really-really small steamed buns, skin is very thin, like dumplings, and when eating, the taste is chewy, a bite down, will surely flow out of oil and water ..... Wow !!! No authentic ones have been found in Changsha! 555555 if anyone knows what is authentic, please post it ??
Changsha city's best halogen smell: An uncle on Zhongshan Road carrying a wooden box all day, traveled all the clothes on the facade, and asked him if he wanted to have a halogen smell. He only had four: duck neck, duck belly, chicken legs and chicken wings .. In addition, there was also a good old grandfather's taste!
The best ice green bean paste in Changsha City, ice sour plum soup, and chicken juice: snacks in South China!
The best peanut in Changsha (thanks to my sister bouyi for providing it): The first fried goods that comes in to the Provincial People's Hospital near the name
The best seafood in Changsha: Good world on the road to jianxiang (too expensive) If you want cheap seafood from yaoling
The best fried powder in Changsha: I learned it was in the back street of Changsha University of Technology ~ Let's find it together ~ Haha ~ 3 yuan a copy, a lot more wow Haha ~~~ Although others do not like it, I still like the fried powder in the Zhongshan pavilion ~ Hey
The best fried potato in Changsha: there is a small facade under the Tianjin snack bar at the door of the company, and the business of fried potato is very popular. Haha ~~
The best cooked food in Changsha: dried rose meat !!!!!!!!!!!!! Step by step to win the vegetarian beef ~~ Good luck, N long ago, I couldn't find it, and now I see it again ~ Haha !~~ Oral ~
The best instant noodles in Changsha: an eight-box braised beef noodle with Master Kong! (It's the smallest box that sells very well !! Supermarkets are often sold out of stock ~ Haha ~ This taste is out of stock !!!)
The best hot pot in Changsha: One Line hot pot of Finance and Economics College! Then there is Sifang's hot pot. OK ~~ Wow Haha ~~
The best steamed food in Changsha: one in Nanyang Street
The best stir-fried spaghetti in Changsha: black pepper beef stir-fried pasta powder Mona Lisa and yiyuan KTV
The best milkshake in Changsha: McDonald's and Mario
The best hot chocolate in Changsha: KFC and McDonald's ice chocolate are good for Guilin rice noodles!
The best chicken wings in Changsha: Pizza Hut and KFC roast wings my favorite ~~
The best cappuccino in Changsha: mingdian
The best Irish coffee in Changsha: time spent
The best dumplings in Changsha: Provincial Sports Commission
The best coffee in Changsha: the famous chain store in Tongcheng Commercial Plaza-really good but expensive!
# I am a good anti-Japanese patriotic youth! #
The best cold noodles in Changsha: snacks in South China!
The best chili fried meat in Changsha, shredded cabbage: mingsheng is a hotel in Nanyang Street!
The best braised pork rice in Changsha: the former tackeburg, And the soy milk in Taipei
The best soy milk in Changsha: Taipei soy milk ~~ Haha, I like it!
The best ice in Changsha: mixueer, Rosa
The best duck shelf and cheap powder in Changsha: shanzitang barbecue Street!
The best duck tongue in Changsha: golden years, near zhongshan pavilion ~
Similar Hotel in Changsha: Yunlong, the alley next to golden years!
The best cutting edge in Changsha: Needless to say, Xinhua tower pulls ~ Haha ~ Old store!
The best ice cream bucket in Changsha: little prodigy Haha ~ I like ~~ There are very few shops to buy! If you have a long-term supply point, please let us know! I remember that there was a store in Sha Zi Tang. Haha ~
The best steak in Changsha: luyin pavilion, Jiaojiao
Affordable steak in Changsha: The Royal steak next to the hero in the city is cheap, and you can also enjoy some self-help services for free. It is a very affordable choice for eating steak and the taste is good ~
The best gongwan in Changsha: since the revision of the West Park store in tackeburg, we no longer have this kind of koufu!
According to the Recommendations posted by netizens, I have also posted some of them ~
: In the alley behind hongxiang building next to the provincial mobile command center
Old jar store Pioneer Hall
The best fried rice with eggs: DIY fried by yourself ~~ Khan... -.-.
Powder: Powder of xiazu on the loom Street
Beef string ---- Luohe street ~~ It seems that it is very spicy ~~ Hoho
Xi 'an liangpi, Yao Wang Street
Braised Pork rice and gongwan in the bucket beside the victory in Bayi Road (although I have not worked there for a long time, I have recorded it as a classic nostalgia version ~)
Spaghetti with meat sauce in xiaoya coffee in pedestrian street
The taste of the bucket pig at Zhengyue yupu in the south gate
Sauteed beans with mackerel next to Changsha Computer City
It's good for farmers to drop food halls (using money or food tickets? Are you required to enter the door ?? Dizzy)
On the way to the Cancer Hospital (Yinzhou), the best fish went to a Kowloon whole fish shop called "Q ke kill chicken ".
There is a steamed stuffed bun near Yingpan Street in Minzhu West Street (I don't know if there is a comparison with the steamed buns in the North ~ However, the old dianyuan steamed stuffed bun is completely different from the meat and oil ~ People are neither things nor objects ~~)
Strawberry from Nongda ~ (When it comes to maturity, the brothers and sisters of the Agricultural University will leave a few moments for us to pick them up ~)
It is recommended that the best drop milk tea is the best drop at the entrance of No. 6 small cup 3 large cup 5 good and affordable good health transparent drop coconut fluorescent pink drop Pearl country
Littlejoey recommends the cobbino cobbon In the fallen Street.
PS: About how to cook and eat corn, now the answer is: Don't dial skin when cooking, after cooking together, then dial skin when eating, absolutely good ~ :)
% I cannot think of it at the moment. Write so many ~ I will try again later! %
Beside Shangri-La bar, caizao South Road
2. I don't have a signboard. I'm famous for using chili fried meat and have a good chicken soup.
Right side of Silver Garden seafood in North Furong Road.
3. South side of Guangji bridge near the rich wealth management department of old days.
3. Should Zhao Kee actually be called "Qian sikou flavor chicken "? Special dishes: Chicken and chicken
Beside Changsha Computer City
4. A small store in xingsha, located in the alley behind hongxiang building next to the provincial mobile command center
Special dish: Fried beans with mackerel
5. A bucket's old store's Pioneer Hall makes fish hold eggs
6. Sanwei food house is a good place for disaster. The boss is sitting on the stage and spending time with others. What do you want to do?
Let's just do it. The name of bamboo yellow duck, and the sweet potato and kidney flower on the opposite side of the Yuanyuan Hotel in xiangchun Road
Ii. Local Features
1. Liuyang steamed food
(1) The first "North America", zujiantang amiling, most of them are steamed vegetables
Recommended: soups of different colors taste good. Be sure to try the mountain grape wine in a wooden bucket in the store.
Kg :))
(2) There is a steaming restaurant near the Hima laya store, which is also good. Who knows the specific address? Please add
2. Ningxiang taste snake
(1) the fish head city in Kowloon is called the fish head city. It is really delicious to eat snakes, especially with the remaining juice mixed with noodles.
Address: Beside Tianxin Hotel
3. Yongzhou blood duck
(1) At the bottom of Guangji bridge, there are two shops that eat Yongzhou blood duck. They don't remember their names. They are all delicious.
4. Changde taobaozi
(1) Dafeng and
(2) I haven't eaten Furong for two years. I don't know how it works now.
5. Yellow Duck name in Changsha
(1) The first few times of oranges are eaten on the old bank. Moderate taste, but on summer nights, Jiangfeng Yu
Fire and beer, a group of friends singing about wine, I feel very good. It is said that another one tastes better. Remember the name
(2) There are several boats at the bottom of the Hexi Bridge of the south bridge. I used to eat it on a ship called "Shi Yu". Later I opened another name "Zhang Lisi" next to it, which is also good. During the cold day or night, the river is surrounded by the wind, and you are not happy.
Features: fish, prawns, and mussels
Iii. Other features
1. pig: "pig foot" in Yinhong district, Hexi. It's very spicy. Be careful.
2. Braised Pork Hou jiantang's "Emperor", braised pork is fat but not greasy, and the meat is soft.
3. "Two Days" opposite the barbecue Orsa Gymnasium"
4. Shiping restaurant, xianggan zicyuan road, not far from the right side of ziyuan Road, opposite to Appendix 2
5. Porridge "One Product porridge" at South Gate"
6. "Bodhi tree"
7. Mutton people's home: at the intersection of Shaoshan South Road to changtan expressway, mutton is better than "little fat goat"
Delicious. What's more, it's half done. Someone will hold a huge yellow pot-it's a big pot.
When the bus came out, all the people rushed up and split one piece.
8. sauteed la bird's West Lake building. The dishes are countless.
4. Snacks
1. Rice Flour
(1) The alley opposite the People's Hospital of the unnamed Province
(2) The Yulin rice noodles beside the North Gate of the Martyrs Park are also very famous, so it is blocked almost every day.
(3) The rice noodles in a powder store are good, have a good taste, have a lot of weight, have a good code, and have a great place. Recommended
Crispy pepper powder, that is, pepper, mustard, shredded pork, and Shiitake Mushrooms fried code, it is also spicy, if you put more vinegar, more open
Stomach ~ 2 bowls ~
200 metres in Yao Wang Lane Next to Spring Department Store
2. Stinks: shahejiekou, a 50-meter alley to the north, and a bucket of
Only available in the afternoon and evening
3. Beef skews: There is a stall 20 meters in the lane next to the world on Changxing Road, Jiefang West Road. The business is very good.
And only available from PM to PM.
4. Beef and miscellaneous Soup: the beef skews are also famous in the shop next to Chaoyang electric city.
5. lanhuadou: the entrance of the No. 13th Middle School in Changsha City
6. Steamed Stuffed bun and steamed bread: Steamed Stuffed bun in Tianjin snack bar (beside Yang luxing in Bar Street? * There are not only meat, but also Ginger and scallions .. The broth of the small dumplings is fresh and not oily, and the remaining fragrance is left with teeth
Other aspects there are also good ~
We recommend the steamed bread of Tianjin snack bar ~ They are all from the old man ~ Natural sugar flavor ~ Not somewhere else
Saccharin flavor ~ ~ I like it most ~ Buy a pile at a time, cheap and appetizing, where steamed bread is superb
Best-selling, hard to win
7 fish: chigang Chong has been walking forward a street, all of which are fish. The one I went to was poetry.
It's better than wujialing's living fish village! It tastes good, spicy, and enjoyable. For example
If you want to eat it, remember to ask your boss to add more tofu!
Spicy fish pot
Opposite the door of Hunan daily, there was a "old Sichuan fish Museum", less than 30 meters in the alley of gymnasium Road ",

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