Chapter 1 First Sight--5

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"He ' s in a wheelchair now," Charlie continued when I didn ' t respond,

He's in a wheelchair now, and he's not waiting for me to answer, "Charles said.

"So he can ' t drive anymore, and he offered to sell me truck cheap.

So he can't drive, he sells his car to me at a low price.

"What's It?" I could see from his change of expression, this is the question he was hoping I wouldn ' t ask.

How many years? I can see from his expression that he doesn't want me to ask this thing.

What year's the car? "I can see from his sudden look that this is a question he doesn't want me to mention.

"Well, Billy ' s did a lot of work on the engine-it's only a few year sold, really.

Of course, Billy is a dry engine, and it's only been sold in a year or two, really.

Well, Billy's got a lot of strength in the engine--only a few years, really.

"I hoped he didn ' t think so little the me as to believe I would give up that easily.

I don't think he thought I was going to be so simple as to believe what he said.

"When did he buy it?" He bought it in 1984, I think. "

When did he buy it, I think it was bought in 1984.

"Did he buy it new?" Well, No. I think it is new in the early sixties-or late fifties atthe earliest, "he admitted sheepishly.

Did he buy the new one? No, I think there should be 56 new, his timid promise

"Ch-dad, I don ' t really know anything about cars. I wouldn ' t be able to fix it if anything went wrong,

Check... Father, I don't know anything about this car, I have no ability to fix it if any problems arise.

and I couldn ' t afford a mechanic ... "" Really, Bella, the thing runs great.

And I'm not able to pay for the engine ... Really, Bella, the car's running pretty good.

I have no money for a repairman ... "

They don ' t build them like that anymore.

It's not made like this, it's better.

"The thing, I thought to myself ... it had possibilities-as a nickname, at the very least.

On this matter, I think of myself ... If possible, like a nickname, the last road to

"How cheap is cheap?" After all, that is the part I couldn ' t compromise on.

How cheap is it cheap? After all, this is the last place I can compromise.

"Well, honey, I kind the already bought it for you. As a homecoming gift.

Of course, dear, I have almost bought it for you, as a gift for your coming home

"Charlie peeked sideways at me with a hopeful expression.

Charles glanced at me with a hopeful glance.

Well, baby, as a gift to welcome you home, I almost bought it. Charlie Peeped at me in a hopeful way.

Wow. Free.

Ha, free.

Chapter 1 First Sight--5

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