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Section 5 get help

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Eclipse has installed a large number of online documents, including SWT and jface library Overview (overviews), beginner (tutorials), and javadocs. Select help> help from the main menu to get help. The Help window is 2-13.

Figure 2-13 eclipse Help Window

Eclipse access (eclipse Association) internal web server to display help content, so you may not be able to view help when using the firewall. If you cannot see the help, check the proxy settings and make sure that the local address is not accessed by the proxy.

The left side of the form is the directory. Click the topic you want to find here, And the content will appear on the right side of the form. The help of SWT and jface is hidden in "platform plugin developer Guide. The "Developer guide's Guide" section contains a large number of articles about SWT and jface; in the "Reference" section, it is the javadoc document; the "Examples Guide" explains how to install and run the sample code.

You can also search for help documentation-enter the content you want to search in the search bar, and then click Search (GO ). Matched items are listed on the left side of the Form. Click one of them to display the content on the right side.

The eclipse main site ( Provides articles, forums, news and sample code to help you use eclipse. You can also log on to to access the news group (newsgroups) of Eclipse ). This newsgroup is password-protected, so you must log on to it to access it. Forums related to eclipse projects include:

  • Eclipse. Platform. SWT: SWT User Forum
  • Eclipse. Tools. jdt: Java development tools Forum
  • Eclipse. Platform: Eclipse project Tool Builders Forum
  • Eclipse. Tools: Retired Eclipse project Tool Builders Forum. The first three forums are divided by it. It retains all the files in the past, but it is read-only now.

How do I set these newsgroups in a news reader? Detailed descriptions are provided on the website.

Tip:You must have a username and password to access the above eclipse newsgroup.


Returned directory

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