Chapter 2 wtl wizardry and wtl Samples

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Chapter 2 wtl wizardry & wtl Samples


Wtl wizardry

The original article uses the wtl Appwizard of vc6 and earlier versions, which is a simple introduction and can be easily applied in practice. In addition, the latest wtl8.1 (wtl8.1 released in)
) Interface Options are slightly different from this, this part is omitted.


Wtl Samples

To better understand wtl, we provide three examples.ProgramGuidgen, mtpad, and mdidocview. guidgen shows a simple dialog box-based application, which looks like the popular guidgen.exe (smaller ). mtpad is a multi-SDI application that displays many advanced wtl functions (which will be discussed in Part2), such as general dialogs, general controls, and UI updates. finally, the mdidoc view shows the MDI Application of wtl.


For better guidance and more information, refer to the sample program attached to this book. In fact, we have added almost all the wtl elements to the wtlexplorer sample program. See Figure 15.

(Note: wtl81_9127/samples contains all the sample programs mentioned in this book)

Figure 15: Windows File Explorer



So far, we have completed half the journey, covering wtl for SDI, multi SDI, and MDI, using the Explorer/workspace application for split windows, GDI encapsulation, helper functions, and DDX. we haven't covered the wtl command bar control, general control, message ing mechanism including message decryption, message filtering, idle processing, and general dialog box, attribute page, and attribute table, printing and scrolling windows are described in detail in the second part of this book.

Chris sells is the leader of the developmentor Software Engineering Project Team and co-author of objective COM and ATL internals. You can contact his

Dharma Shukla is a software design engineer in the Microsoft Biztalk Server 2000 team. Contact

Nenad Stefanovic is one of the members of the early ATL/wtl team, working in Microsoft Software Development Engineer, contact information



Wtl makes UI programming a joy
Part 2: the bells and whistles

To be continued...

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