Chapter 4 enlightenment 1st what is hardware and software

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Chapter 1 enlightenment

1.3 What is hardware and software

What is hardware? What is software?

I sat in front of the computer for half an hour and still didn't figure out how to define them.

A computer prodigy in The United States said: "hardware is the thing that will break down to the ground ". I am very sorry. As we all know, if a digital camera falls to the ground and hardware breaks down, We are distressed, but what really hurts is the data in it-for example, the photos you took when you and your girlfriend climbed the mountain for the first time-all those are software.

If you understand it literally, there are even more contradictions: Hard Disks are hardware, and floppy disks are hardware.

Another saying is: hardware is visible and software is invisible. I just thought it was good, but I immediately noticed its flaws: the operating system I use now is on the screen, the interface is beautiful, and the operation is convenient, it's a must-have for home travel ......

In desperation, I moved out of the electronic dictionary and said, "Hardware: computers and other physical devices directly involved in data computing or information exchange ". It can be seen that hardware is a device. Every kind of equipment in our daily life, washing machines, refrigerators, televisions, screwdrivers, and pliers are all hardware.

Software: "Software: commands, routines, and symbolic languages for controlling computer hardware functions and running ". What are commands, programs, and symbolic languages? At least we know that software is used to control the running of hardware.

TIPS: Prepare an electronic dictionary

Learning programming, if your English skills are average. Remember to install an easy-to-use dictionary on your computer. Available free electronic dictionaries include:Google Kingsoft corporation,Linger translators(Used by the author)


In this case, the "input and output devices" mentioned above are hardware. Steering wheel, brake pad, accelerator ...... All are hardware. And "input and output data", when we turn the steering wheel's strength, speed, torque, foot on the accelerator or brake pad, the data belongs to the scope of software, because they control the operation of the entire car, how to master the input of the Data "intensity, speed, torque, Travel", and their cooperation, this is called "driving technology ".

A good driver master the "driving technology ". Of course, he will also understand the hardware knowledge of automobiles. A good grasp of the hardware knowledge of a car not only helps to repair the car in case of minor faults, but also facilitates driver driving technology.

A good programmer mainly master "programming technology ". Of course, he will also understand some computer hardware knowledge. A good grasp of computer hardware knowledge, not only in the case of a computer failure can be emergency repair, but more importantly, it is conducive to programming technology programmers.

Therefore, you should not be so disgusted with the beginning of this vernacular C ++. Why don't you start talking about C ++ quickly, thoroughly, and happily?


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