Chapter 8: Performance Appraisal

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Although I was not a freshman in a new organization, I still got in touch with a few things I had never touched before. Performance appraisal is one of them.

The software industry has its own particularity, which is not as simple as producing parts in factories. The workload of workers can be considered through pieces counting and other methods.

To assess performance, you need to first assess the workload of a project and then allocate the workload to a specific person, no matter how long the person actually takes to complete the workload, his performance during this period is the workload allocated.

In the third year when I entered the new organization, the company began to perform performance appraisal. All technical staff of the company have internal levels, including SE1, se2, se3 and PG. Among them, the first three levels are divided into several finer levels, which are divided by a, B, c, etc., where A is the highest. SE1 is the highest level, mainly responsible for demand analysis, se2 is mainly responsible for outline design, se3 is mainly responsible for detailed design, mainly such a concept.

To accurately assess the workload, the company has organized several se1a technical staff and market staff to jointly assess the workload. The project manager is responsible for project development and workload allocation. Submit the workload data of each team member to the department manager every week, and then pay the performance salary based on the workload and task level each month. The demand analysis is RMB 25/hour, with a brief design of RMB 20/hour, a detailed design of RMB 15/hour, and a Code of RMB 10/hour.

Here, we may feel that such a performance appraisal is more reasonable. However, the actual execution is very different. From my perspective, the implementation of performance appraisal in domestic enterprises is a bit similar to Utopia, ideal and unrealistic.

First, there is a problem in workload evaluation. How can we make a proper assessment of the workload of a module take one hour, two hours or five hours? It must have a reference basis. This is based on the average labor capacity of technicians. What is the average labor capability of a company's technical staff? It is hard to calculate. A rough value may be generated only after at least one period of data statistics. For example, you can use PSP and other methods to accumulate the time required for each technician to complete certain modules.

In fact, the company did not. Then, the estimated workload can only be the data that the se1a-level personnel have come up with. Or, after a certain amount of profit is deducted from the project contract amount, it can be converted to the workload. Then, the workload is allocated to different stages based on the demand analysis in the software engineering, the summary design, detailed design and coding stages.

Second, there is a problem with the workload assigned by the Project Manager. Because the project manager can allocate workload, and the workload is equivalent to the performance salary, the project manager has the right (if you have money, you have the right ). However, many project managers are technical, and their management level is not high. In addition, as mentioned above, because they do not know the average labor ability of technicians, therefore, it is impossible for the project manager to assign a specific module to the project, and the workload calculation cannot be divided into details, the distribution is uneven. Because the project manager has the permission to allocate resources, but cannot reasonably allocate the resources, it is easy to cause dissatisfaction and negative problems of the team members. As a result, the project manager's final strategy is a good strategy for everyone, and the workload is a lot of arrangement, so that everyone is happy to get more money.

Although it seems that the team members are satisfied, the worst result is that the workload is exhausted and the project has not been completed yet. Because it has been overdraft in advance. Once there is no workload, the remaining task team members are unwilling to do it. Of course, who is willing to do it without money? Even if you do it, it must be very bad. This leads to a vicious circle. One of the major projects I 've experienced, two of which finally had to be re-developed due to poor quality and user dissatisfaction. The cost was not very high.

My current organization is also considering implementing performance appraisal, so I am quite worried. Performance appraisal is very difficult to expect without any data accumulation. I also hope that you will give your suggestions and experience on performance appraisal. Of course, the premise is that you must consider the actual environment of domestic enterprises. After all, they are different from those of Japanese and European companies.

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