Chapter 6 book notes for hackers and painters

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The reason why the previous chapters are not recorded is that this is my first reading note.
In fact, there are a lot of records worth recording in the previous chapters. Let's just say a few words here. For example, when hackers and painters talk about mathematicians, they say:

Everyone in the scientific community secretly believes that mathematicians are smarter than themselves. (P22)

Then the hacker should realize that he and other creators, such as writers and painters, are the same type of person.
At least I often see this situation-I think I am doing mathematics, and it's a bit of a force.
Then I talked about many Internet applications and local applications more than once --If you can make a browser that is not that bad.
If the author's keen vision has already given me a clear path, the only thing we lack is our ability to do it.

The above are all memories. If you just flip them over and write them at will, you can see Chapter 6 in the book. What you want to talk about is also Chapter 6.

How to Create Wealth

Throughout chapter 6, we may not be talking about computer science. The author gave me a lecture on history.Economics.
Money is not equal to wealth.Big Cake Paradox, SaidProgramMembers are currently the largest craftsman, and they should understand that wealth is created.
Maybe I am the majority of the people he talks about, at least I have thought this way from some aspect. Next, we will introduce the proposition into the key of this book-entrepreneurship.

First of all, I will tell you why programmers in your company get less money than sales personnel:
Because a large company cannot accurately measure the contribution of every employee, sales staff are easy to measure, and programmers, even if you work very hard, feel that it has brought a high profit to the company, but this may be because the designer designed a beautiful shell for it, and the marketing staff convinced the customer that this is a product worth having, it may also be that the staff of the previous generation of products set up a quality and reliable image for the company ......

Then tell you:

To get rich, you need two things: measurable and magnified. The performance produced by your position should be measurable. Otherwise, you will not receive more compensation if you do more. In addition, you must be magnified, that is, the decisions you make can have a huge effect.

This tells you that a small team is measurable, while a high technology is magnified. When two companies make an & operation, you will find that internet startups are the most direct and have the highest success rate. (Of course, mobile apps are now included)
Then I will tell you that the best end of a startup company is to be acquired, and the answer to how to make the company be acquired is the number of users.

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