Charm Blue Note configuration good? When does the charm Blue Note come on the market?

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When does the charm Blue Note come on the market?

Official listing Date: December 30

Charm Blue Note configuration good

The Phantom of the Demon Blue Note parameter details, as follows:

Charm Blue Note parameter
Main screen Size 5.5-Inch 1920 X 1080 resolution (403 PPI)
Fuselage size 8.9mm (145g)
CPU model 1.7GHz MediaTek MT6752 Eight core processor
RAM capacity 2GB RAM Running Memory
ROM capacity 16gb/32gb
Camera Front 5 million/rear 13 million pixel camera (dual LED)
Network support Mobile/Unicom dual 4G (single card slot dual sim), telecom 4G version
Battery capacity 3140mAh Large capacity non-removable battery
Body color White, yellow, green, blue, pink
Operating system
Flyme4.1 (based on Android 4.4)
Reference price 16GB version 999 yuan, 32GB version 1199 Yuan
Mobile Features Thousand Yuan eight core, 1080P Full HD screen, colorful fashion, high cost performance

Appearance, the charm Blue Note has yellow, blue, white, green, powder Five colors, the main colorful fashion, and Apple iphone5c 5 kinds of body color, and the same as the iphone 5c injection molding process, the flagship of colorful fashion, positioning of the young group of people.

Performance, the charm Blue Note with 1.7GHz MediaTek MT6752 64-bit eight core processor, running 2GB memory, Rabbit ran more than 40,000 points, run minutes of performance seconds kill red meter note, fast approaching the current flagship performance running points, performance is very good.

Price, the charm Blue Note has 16GB and 32GB two kinds of storage version, the price of 999 yuan and 1199 yuan, with mobile/Unicom dual 4G version and telecom 4G version, for telecommunications users, very to the force.

How to make an appointment with Blue Note

The charm Blue Note three kinds of predetermined way:

The Phantom of the Family official reservation: " View details click to enter "
QQ Space Reservation: " View details click to enter "

Jingdong Mall Reservation: " View details click to enter "

Enchant Blue Note Reservation rules:

1, a mobile phone number can only be booked once, each time can only book a phantom Blue Note mobile phone;
2, participate in booking models: The Phantom Blue Note mobile version, the capacity is divided into 16G and 32G, the color is divided into front black after white and before the black blue;
3, to share activities to Sina Weibo, participate in the "Share win new charm Blue Note" Activities, will have the opportunity to win free charm Blue Note;
4. The net subscription order will be shipped within one week after the new machine is listed.
* Note : In order to prevent malicious snapping, protect the interests of normal users, the booking process in the delivery address and contact telephone once completed, will not be modified, please carefully fill in.
Charm Blue Note using 5.5-inch 1080P Full HD screen, equipped with 1.7GHz MediaTek MT6752 eight core processor (64-bit), running 2GB memory, 16GB/32GB dual version storage, with a front 5 million/rear 13 million pixel camera, built-in 3140mAh high-capacity battery, Support for Mobile/Unicom dual 4G Network, support dual SIM double, running Flyme4.1 interface (based on Android 4.4).

Is the Blue Note worth buying?

It is worth affirming that the charm Blue Note adopted a very bold and unconstrained configuration, but I believe we all understand that a product can set the price to 999 yuan so low, there will be certain places there must be a compromise to do. If you have just finished watching the launch of the charm of the Blue Note of the pros and cons of the "silly points", then have to get this new machine engineering machine I hope that this demo will bring more objective analysis.
Good workmanship, nice touch.
Charm Blue Note the overall shape and MX series is very similar, but the screen of the phone to change the charm of the 8:5 proportion of the family, into a more mainstream 16:9, so compared with MX4, the machine height has been improved. In such cases, the charm Blue Note still choose the power button placed in the top, for the hands of relatively small users appear to be somewhat "wayward".
In detail design, the Phantom Blue Note is like the MX series and the iphone 5c combination. For example, the MX4 volume button is a style, but the Phantom Blue Note does not inherit, but instead to the iphone 5c the same two-paragraph design, which is the Blue Note on the more interesting details.
The SIM card on the side of the fuselage uses a very novel design that can carry two SIM cards in a single slot, which is more concise than the dual-Cato Sim, and minimizes the impact of the opening on the fuselage, which is a very important technique.

Charm Blue Note Using single card slot dual sim design
In terms of workmanship, we give the Blue Note to the charm of the evaluation is acceptable. In the fitting, seam and other such positions the Blue Note processing is very in place, but in some detail also need to upgrade, such as the handset openings in the screen some skew, SIM card slightly loose and so on. Of course, these phenomena do not exclude the engineering machine model is not mature, we can not put this conclusion directly in the official version of the listing of the charm Blue Note.
Since the use of the same as the 5c injection after the cover material, then the charm Blue Note feel should be worth looking forward to. From the experience we try to see, the charm Blue Note grip is more comfortable, especially the plastic brings the moist feel, is hard to match the metal frame. However, the edges of the plastic rear cover and the glass panel cannot be MX4 like the other. In addition to take care of the screen strength, the edge has to be made higher, so the hands of the jaws of the number will feel a bit blunt, which is the only way we can define the Blue Note feel good rather than a good reason.
Finally, overall, in 999 yuan this price file, the charm Blue Note of workmanship and feel is in line with the positioning.
Thousand-yuan machine field experience leading
Look at the appearance and experience again. I think the charm Blue Note compared to Red meter note, the biggest advantage is the advantage of the latter. Later, the Charm Blue Note is able to use the latest MediaTek 64-bit MTK6752 eight core processor, and as the cost of the screen, lens module, the Blue Note will also be able to use a more high-quality 5.5-inch 1080p screen and 13 million-megapixel camera. So in the same thousand-dollar price segment, the charm Blue Note has a better use of the experience is also logical.
From the basic operation, there is no obvious difference between the Blue Note and MX4, open application speed, the charm Blue Note slightly less than MX4, after all, two product price difference, which will not affect our day-to-day use.
Another point is the phantom Blue Note 13 million pixel after the lens, it's performance in the Thousand Machine is still ranked in the forefront, in the Thousand Yuan machine weak software optimization, the quality of the lens itself to beat other price products, can play more strong. However, compared with MX4, the lens in the focus speed, color performance is still a certain gap.
With the latest processor and better hardware configuration, the charm Blue Note in the Thousand machine field to stand out. Objectively speaking, the charm Blue Note produces this advantage, more is because other manufacturers have not launched their own new thousand-yuan machine products, we do not rule out the Red Meter note 2 Such products will be in the future configuration to catch up, but it is undeniable that the red Meter note 2 and other popular thousand-yuan machine before the launch, is already the charm Blue Note a rare advantage.
Close to MX4, but won't "fight" with it.
Who will you choose when a MX4 and an enchantment Blue Note is placed in front of you? Have to say, two products have a lot of similarities, even so, I do not think that everyone in the purchase will be in between the two too much tangle, said the spirit of the Blue Note will usurp MX4 "throne" is more impossible to say, for two reasons:
1, a large plastic material does not catch a cold user will not because of the charm Blue Note cheap and less than 500 yuan to buy cheaper;
2, MX4 Although the screen does not have the charm Blue Note big, but the screen quality, the hardware comprehensive configuration still is the latter, the budget is loose, has the higher performance to pursue the consumer to be still more suitable chooses the MX4.
Therefore, in the purchase, we should be based on their actual use of demand, aesthetic needs and budget considerations, do not need to be in the MX4 and the charm of the Blue Note to create too much entanglement. Of course, these two products will not be like the iphone 6 Plus and the ipad mini "Wolidou".
Positioning like 5c, but fate is not the same
Finally, the position of the Phantom Blue Note, the charm Blue Note is really similar to the iphone 5c in position, not only for the sake of cheapness, but also for the use of colorful, feel and big screen in the market to circle a younger, more active people, this is far more important than the cheap itself.

Will a similar location bring the Phantom Blue Note to the same miserable end as the iphone 5c? No, because the charm Blue Note price threshold far more than the latter, let a prominent youth attributes of the product really become pro-people. From this point of view, the Phantom Blue Note of the sales performance and user feedback we are still very optimistic, this is the final conclusion of the demo.

Charm Blue Note and Red meter note which is good

A, the appearance contrast
First we look at the appearance of the two phones, from the front of the screen, I believe not to say, we can distinguish two mobile phone which is better to see, the charm Blue Note for the charm of the family of good screen for the blood, whether the screen or the left and right border collection are better than the red meter note.
The back of the machine although the Blue Note has a similar design language with the iphone 5c, and in the appearance does not break the past charm of the family style, but compared with the red rice note, it is indeed more good-looking, and more fashionable.
At the end of the conference, many users said that the red meter note and the Phantom Blue Note, compared to the appearance of a weak burst. In detail, the Blue Note's border is also narrower than the red meter note, which also makes the phone's screen account larger.
Second, hardware performance comparison

In the hardware configuration, we can see that the charm Blue Note and the red meter is not too big difference, but the charm Blue Note is the Red meter Note's disadvantage has become its own advantages, such as the use of MTK's latest 64-bit eight-core processor MT6752 , such as the same 5.5-inch screen, resolution has reached the 1080P level, and the whole machine measurements than the red meter note to slim; In addition to the ROM with the storage, the lowest is 16GB, the three main aspects of the difference, just is the user most concerned about the place, and the charm of the Blue Note is indeed also grasp.

From the Phantom Blue Note running points, has surpassed the Millet 3 to Samsung GALAXY S5, and positioning below the millet 3 red rice note Nature was dumped several streets, which makes millet red rice Note the situation is so, can only look forward to millet quickly out of the new bar!

Charm Blue Note has several colors

Charm Blue Note is a tribute to Apple iphone5c smartphone, in the fuselage color and iphone5c consistent. The charm Blue Note has 5 kinds of body color, namely: pink, blue, green, white and yellow , the main colorful fashion, positioning the young group.

Total 5 colors

Charm Blue Note the back of the shell in one shape, without any splicing, all openings are directly on the back board through CNC, the fuselage surface has a layer of coating, looks more crystal Jade-like stone, the appearance resembles iphone5c, the following figure is the charm Blue Note and iphone5c appearance contrast.

the charm Blue Note which color looks good?

For this issue, the small part of the first for you to attach a previous online "iphone5c which color good-looking" survey, the results of the poll are as follows:

Results show: IPhone 5 c The most popular color is pink, followed by blue, green, white, and the most conspicuous yellow, the purchase of friends, relatively few.

and the first thousand new machine-- charm Blue Note Because of the use of the same as the iphone 5c injection molding process, the same white, yellow, green, blue, pink Five colors, the appearance of the two basically similar, if you are also entangled in the Blue Note which Yan Good color, you may refer to the above iphone5c voting results .
In terms of small, favorite color is mainly pink, blue and green, of course, white is also good, as for yellow, it is not the mainstream color, so like friends, should not be too much.

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