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We know that the VPS server is a virtualization technology, build VPS server virtualization software and new cloud architecture solutions are many, they have advantages and disadvantages, therefore, different VPS Server service providers may use different virtualization technology to build VPS servers, Similarly, the construction cost of the VPS server will be different.

The more common VPS virtualization technologies are: OpenVZ, Virtuozzo, VMware, Hyper-V, KVM, Xen, and the latest cloud architecture Onapp scenarios. These common VPS virtualization technology and Cloud host architecture solutions, some are free open source, and some are required to pay, or even some architectural way to allow VPS service providers can carry out "super buy" operation, so that the different structure of the VPS server, there are obvious price differences.

The above mentioned several common VPS virtualization technology, this site has detailed description, here is not to repeat, here if it is cheap VPS server several architectural methods. The

OpenVZ architecture is the legendary sales specialist, OpenVZ (OVZ), which uses the kernel of SWsoft Virutozzo virtualization Server Software PRODUCT, is the operating system-level server virtualization architecture based on the Linux platform. This architecture directly calls the kernel of the master server (machine tool) to simulate the generation of a sub server (VPS, small computer), so it is virtualized relative to the parent server, the performance loss is probably only the 1-3%. The

OpenVZ architecture VPS can originally only be able to virtual 10 VPS servers, virtual words into 20, so as to maximize the super sales, so the OpenVZ architecture VPS is also the cheapest VPS server.

Similarly, a VPS that uses vmwareworkstation is also available for resale because, like the OPENVZ schema, the number of RAM used by the child is deducted from the amount of memory in the system, but if physical memory is low, it may cause the parent server to use Windows virtual memory. But because of its software version fee is higher, so, VMware architecture after the sale of cheap VPS server prices still slightly higher than the OPENVZ architecture of the cheap VPS.

In fact, in addition to the Xen structure of the VPS can not be sold out, several other types of VPS architecture, can be different levels of the sale, many times, cheap VPS servers are still very much to find, but, here is recommended in renting VPS server, Do not just focus on the VPS price is cheap, the stability and comprehensive performance of the VPS server is also very important.

Tell you how the various types of VPS segmentation architecture is sold

Some VPS sell very cheap and is OVZ structure, the average person will say is ultra sale. And for the Xen architecture VPS is good, but it is not ovz or Xen can be sold!

OPENVZ Architecture

1. VPS Sales for OPENVZ architecture It's a breeze! The number of disks and memory assigned to you by the service provider is just a number, the legendary 84vps, their OPENVZ architecture VPS is not only more common, but also smart to occupy a high resource of the VPS transfer to occupy a low resource host.

2.OpenVZ is not a sale, basically is not need to think about the problem (divided out a new VPS is just a number of problems, do you think it is possible to sell? As to how much to sell, depends on the provider's reputation and quality of service. Therefore, the choice of those who have good reputation is far more than the "cost-effective" provider.

3. But the OPENVZ architecture is really good! If you really want to choose a good ovz that will go to the price of a better reputation of the VPS provider where to buy, there is a small workshop-type often do not have the goods provider, if the instructions are not sold, then still can be believed!

KVM Architecture

Xen architecture with the following

Xen Architecture

1.XEN if the ovz like the sale, it is very troublesome, and need a certain cost! Because of the characteristics of Xen architecture, it is not possible for a service provider to divide a new virtual machine in the host when there is no excess memory available.

2. So how does Xen sell? Rice tells you, that is + memory, 16G memory of the Machine + memory, add to 32G, add to 64G. Continue to divide the virtual machine, hey, this is not very soon to sell it?

3. Although Xen memory is actually in your hands, what about the CPU? What about storage?


That's good, cheap stuff! Good goods are not cheap! But the really expensive things are not good.

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