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Checkstyle is a project under SourceForge that provides a tool to help Java developers comply with certain coding specifications. It automates the process of code specification checking, freeing developers from this important, but tedious, task. Main contents of Checkstyle test · Javadoc Note • naming convention • Title · Import statement • Volume size • blank • modifier • block • Code problem • class Design • Hybrid checks (including some useful, such as non-mandatory system.out and Printstacktrace) can be seen from the above, Checkstyle provides most of the functionality is for code specification checks, and does not provide as much as PMD and jalopy to enhance the quality of the code and modify the functionality of the code. However, it is powerful enough for team development, especially for companies that emphasize code specifications. Download: Checkstyle Eclipse plugin 5.9/6.10/6.11/6.2/6.4/6.8/6.9 version Daquan

Checkstyle Introduction and various editions

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