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Now a lot of users will download some WiFi software (such as: Cheetah free WiFi), can be implemented without the need to install a wireless router, you can turn the computer signal into a WiFi signal can be connected. But there is a downside to using the software: you need to have a computer open to have wifi. If you have a strong sleep in bed, but also to get out of bed off the computer, I believe many people feel very vexed, lazy to get out of bed off the computer. Today, I would like to share with you the Cheetah free WiFi set remote shutdown computer graphics and text steps, I hope you will enjoy!

First, open the Cheetah free WiFi program, right click on the taskbar, from the pop-up menu to choose "Feature encyclopedia"-"remote shutdown."

Second, to ensure that the phone has been properly connected to the cheetah free WiFi created hot spots.

Thirdly, then use the two-dimensional Code tool in any program to scan the two-dimensional code in the Remote Shutdown window of the computer, or open the URL displayed in the window directly in the browser.

Four, next will be in the mobile browser display "Remote Shutdown" interface. As shown in figure:

Five, click the "Remote Shutdown Computer" button, you can implement remote computer shutdown operation. Also click on the "Off Screen" button to turn off the computer screen.

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