China software Developers ' Conference (SDCC) first day _ Data mining

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This weekend, we attended the Chinese Software Developers Conference (Software Deleloper Conference China, referred to as SDCC), saw a lot of cattle in the industry, broaden their horizons and increase their knowledge.

The first speaker was the Tencent Chief scientist, Mr. Sun, who used the international Knowledge discovery and Data Mining Competition (KDD Cup) 2012 competition case, specifically introduced the data mining and the best recommendation algorithm progress, from which we saw matrix decomposition model The power of foctorization modeling, which is a general method of data processing in recent years, is an effective algorithm to solve the sparsity problem. Winners also have a successful feature is the use of diverse models, is to use a different model to deal with the data, and finally choose the best model.

Then is the AMD fellow Mike Houston speech, said the heterogeneous computation, the main content is in the case of multiple system multi-platform, how to make full use of all kinds of resources, make full use of CPU and GPU, improve the efficiency of operation.
China Telecom's speech did not leave any impression.

The impression is more profound is Jinshan CEO Fu Sheng: simplicity of the United States, the first use of the iphone example, explained that less is more dialectical truth:
1 This is a time of mass consumption, is not the old age of Engineers.
No one likes to remember all kinds of complicated commands or procedures, and no time.
Less steps, less learning curve, more free time.
2) Simple positioning, can be deeply rooted.
The brain is very small, and now everyone has a lot of things, not so much brain capacity to remember your complex concepts.
Success Stories:
Fear of fire, drink King old Ji!
3 Ensure project success:

Simple things can control, complex things are not easy to control.

The United States of America's all-inclusive space shuttle, because to support too many functions (both can fly into space, and want to fly back), maintenance costs too much, even the United States can not afford to give up.
Instead, the spacecraft can fly up and fly back with a different set of solutions.
corresponding to how to achieve the simplicity of the software, put forward 3 points specific recommendations:
1 for the minority design, the user of the software should be clear and clear-cut, specifically who is in use for who development.
First for the minority development, success, and then abstraction, into a mass product.
2 shorten the development cycle as much as possible (under the premise of thinking clearly).

According to his experience: more than 3 months of the project will be delay, and may delay more than 1 time times more time, so as far as possible to take small steps to run the way, rather than eating into a fat, so with the customer feedback is also relatively smooth.
When the development time is shortened, generally can only meet the customer's most core needs, so the function is often done relatively simple, so it is not easy to make mistakes, developers and testers will be less pressure, the function of the same as the iphone, very easy to use.
And there's a benefit that customers tend to forget about his quirky, Non-core needs, so that every time you develop it is the most core and practical feature.
Conversely, if you always want to do a all-inclusive thing, wait until you develop, the customer's idea has changed, you do a lot of things are useless.

The things you want to achieve are simple, easy to control, and developers and testers will be easier and less prone to error.

3 Minimalist program elements, the simpler the interface the better.

Disadvantages: Basically are pure men, it's really not easy ah.

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