China Telecom Software Store construction is about to be online

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"Sina Science and Technology" August 28 morning News, China Telecom software store has been built, the test version of the software store will be the fastest in September online.

"The construction of the software store is almost over by the end of July, when all 133, 153 users can enjoy the same services as 189, including mobile phone mailboxes," said a senior Chinese telecom. ”

It is reported that China Telecom's software store will provide a unified cross-platform operating environment, has been adapted to Windows Mobile, Symbian, Brew, Java and other mobile platforms.

In the terminal coverage, the initial development of mobile phones, PC adaptation applications, follow-up development will include the Internet card, IPTV and other terminals.

In the application of commodity pricing, developers of the application of products, can be established in China Telecom pricing within the scope of independent pricing, and China Telecom to confirm commodity prices.

China Telecom's aim is clear: in attracting telecom users to download software, China Telecom hopes to drive the application of the sky-wing mobile phone by preset software clients, offering free or preferential software, and promoting excellent application software, thus enhancing CDMA terminal function, integrating Internet business resources and reducing terminal development costs.

It is reported that the software store has hundreds of kinds of application products. At the beginning of the development of the software store, most of the products will be downloaded free of charge, paid for use, and encourage the use of "first experience, after pay" approach. The initial line will be for users to do a free experience, then will support by the time, monthly, according to the cost of a variety of charging methods.

With regard to the revenue-sharing model of the software store, China Telecom has not yet disclosed its share of developers, but it is expected to be similar to other software stores.

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