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System Overview

Business Operation Support System (boss) is a new generation of telecom business operation support system required by China Mobile to provide a variety of telecom service operators from a single mobile phone service operator.

The Xinyu boss system is a platform system developed by our company based on computer networks and related application technologies, which adopts a centralized strategy for billing, business, accounting, and customer service to support mobile business operations, it can meet the changing and evolving needs of telecom customers, enhance the support capability and response speed for emerging new businesses, and improve the service level and quality of telecom enterprises. It covers billing, settlement, accounting, business, customer service, and corresponding decision support analysis, and is connected to the relevant external systems as needed, all performance indicators comply with the relevant specifications of China Mobile.

Software Structure

Xinyu boss system software structure diagram:











Functions and services
The boss system is divided into three parts: business data processing support platform, accounting data processing support platform, and customer service support platform, this service is applicable to China Mobile's needs in terms of production, financial settlement, and sales management. These three support platforms provide functions such as collection, billing, accounting, customer service, settlement, billing plan, query, and statistics, including:

Data File collection
Parameter database management
Backup management
Business Data Management
Database Management of service bills
Standard Account Management
System Management
Comprehensive Service acceptance
Single Service acceptance
Account acceptance
Customer Service Gateway

Services supported by the system:
GSM voice Billing Data Processing
TACs voice Billing Data Processing
Shenzhouxing business Billing Data Processing
WAP Service Billing Data Processing
Data Service Billing Data Processing
Short Message Service Billing Data Processing
Mobile dream network service Billing Data Processing
GPRS Service Billing Data Processing
Information fee Billing Data Processing
Re-process the wrong ticket data
Fixed fee Billing Data Processing
Accounting Processing
Prepayment recharge handling
Pre-paid account deduction
End of month
Account Management
Statistics and Settlement

System features


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