China Thousand Online Network Co., Ltd. is a kind of company

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Beijing Hua Qian Online Network Co., Ltd. (referred to as China Thousand online) is in accordance with the PRC

Law, a national high-tech enterprise registered by law, under the wholly owned subsidiary "Beijing Hua Qian New Technology Limited public

Division "(2002 Year, registered capital 1175 million).

As a leading company specializing in the development and production of special building materials industry, China Millennium is currently the most influential

One of the manufacturers and suppliers of special construction materials.

Hua Qian is also the production, sales, construction and the provision of relevant solutions to the professional Zhongguancun high-tech enterprises.

In order to meet the trend of the Internet era, thousands of years to create "China Thousand Online" (www.line network platform, and strive to create a professional application-oriented communication network platform; Meanwhile, "Hua Qian

Online "is also an electronic reference book for building professionals. "China Thousand Online" will also be in the business exchange,

Advertising and the development of new perspectives of construction people in the field of university-enterprise cooperation.

Hua Qian uses Internet technology to promote communication and communication in the construction field. Grasp the development of the Internet era tightly

Opportunities, the use of Internet technology to the company's network transformation of the exploration and practice, not only successfully on-line operation of the service

"", a social networking site for builders, also successfully launched the mobile internet

Web Marketing Mobile Client, for the construction industry to open the Internet door, professional areas of professional portals.

China thousand online aims to provide marketing, Media magazine, talent, industry standards, quality exchange, Integrity Alliance, etc.

Columns suitable for construction, building materials, engineering, construction, home decoration, household and other different areas of the crowd.

Hua Chi also has an excellent network operations team, in accordance with the "Resource sharing, division of labor, Cooperation and win"

Business philosophy, the establishment of the national and world-wide channel agency mechanism, fast-paced and efficient network era,

Through the cooperation with the channel partners all over the country, in order to better meet the needs of users for the guidelines, open

The beginning of the "Internet + Architecture" reform journey.

Urban construction has been the topic of the whole nation, the construction industry changes, from the beginning of China, and we witness the construction industry

Era of the Internet.

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China Thousand Online Network Co., Ltd. is a kind of company

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