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"After the acquisition of YouTube, Google plans to do something in China this year." "For a lot of domestic video sites, this simple to no more simple news means that the pace of spring is coming, but only" look beautiful "it?

Just passed the "first year of micro-video" in China, according to incomplete statistics, by the end of 2006, the number of domestic video sites have more than 150, video search market size also has 23 million yuan, and 2007 this figure will increase more than 160%. It is expected that by 2010, the video search market will reach a scale of 280 million yuan.

On the one hand, the space for development in this area still attracts a large number of returnees, on the other hand, funds, copyrights, profit models and so on are still the key test outstanding. "Google is planning to expand its network video business to China, and it is possible to acquire and make YouTube Chinese." "Not long ago, the 1.65 billion-dollar lightning to marry into the giants of YouTube can be a Chinese video site can also be a new idol?"

A similar stumbling block how to move

Although the industry on Google and YouTube this "big family marriage" a lot of different voices, leisurely network CEO Li Zhu still think that the acquisition of the two stumbling blocks of the development of YouTube is a good way out: "One is the copyright issue of YouTube, after Google acquisition, Google is able to contract copyrighted content on a large scale, and YouTube can focus on the development of its forte UGC (user uploaded content). Second, YouTube can take advantage of Google's very good advertising channels to achieve diversity of content development. "Word, the acquisition of YouTube to avoid the uncertainty caused by the test, is already a success."

In fact, the domestic video site in front of the stumbling block to a large extent, or the "ferocious animal": UGC's copyright problem has been difficult to define, internet users of personal behavior, if it involves the interests of some institutions, the UGC platform will also assume joint and several responsibilities? The high cost of spending so many video sites, including YouTube, has not been able to achieve normal profitability, layoffs and even closed the wind is also blowing. If the above problems have foreign experience can be used for reference, then the Internet bandwidth is relatively expensive, fees, audio-visual licensing issues and policy instability and other specific factors, but also the development of domestic video-sharing web site a lot of constraints.

YouTube's revelation cannot be replicated

Will similar big acquisitions take place in China? Youku's president, Koo, thinks it's not going to happen yet. "However, it may be possible to integrate later in 2007, so doing well and doing well in the model is the biggest revelation of this acquisition." "Lei Ke network high-level also has similar ponder: the profit of the capital market, is the video website in the video Internet at the primary stage profit way?" does a single video site need to join a strong system to generate a profit model?

More people in the industry expressed a sense of crisis, and the difference in market environment at home and abroad made them realize that simple imitation is not the way out. As the six-room CEO Liu Yan points out, the competition between video-sharing sites has been so fierce that there is not enough capital for the Chinese version of YouTube, a video site that will be eliminated. TV Executive President Richthoff said: "Everyone is staring at the imitation of YouTube, do we have to wait to be Baidu, Microsoft acquisition?" China's video-sharing website must seek innovation, especially to boost its nuclear competitiveness. ”

Openv's CEO, Wu Xin, said in an interview recently that Openv was trying a new business model of "Network + TV", which was designed to create a video-integrated communication platform for the O-P env, and to open up the value chain between TV and the network, adding value to the two. The business model is now very clear. The immediate challenge is how to get the advertiser's approval quickly. According to the reporter understands, at present either is the "sponsor channel" which the Y outub e initiates, or is the domestic video website uses "The Patch advertisement", its profit effect is not ideal.

Mixed development period of joy and sorrow

"Compared to the 2006 year of this ' micro-video ', micro-video in China will enter into a long-term. "Koo defined his 2007," according to the agency monitoring, in 2006 more than 50 million internet users in China visited the micro-video site, accounting for the total number of broadband users in China 60%. The 2007 figure will also be significantly increased. "This year, short, fine, fast micro-video will form a popular culture, watching micro-video, video recording Society, life, fashion and expression of self, will be like blogs, online chat, as a popular use." With the further popularization of broadband and audio-visual equipment and hardware and software technology of civilians, micro-video will and large video (film), small video (TV) in the future gradually become one of the mainstream video media.

Long term for the user is undoubtedly cool, but for the micro-video practitioners, it will be "growing pains" or even "distress." Koo said that the United States can appear in Y outub e such Unification broadband platform, does not mean that China can also appear such companies, because most of China's video community from The imitation of y outub e start, so there is a phenomenon of the swarm, the development of the later will inevitably appear a feudal hegemony of the spring and autumn chaotic market pattern. We have seen different companies from different point of view to participate in this huge market, but after a period of growth, as the market matures, integration and elimination will inevitably occur, and finally reached a certain degree of industry concentration.

Clearly, China's video site is not waiting for a good day to happen. Although the imitation of Y outub E has to be thrown away and the search for a more suitable way for Chinese users is not a matter of time, they are already working to cut costs, reduce the bandwidth cost by strengthening technology development, and improve the viewing effect to attract users. Compared to the age of the dotcom boom of the last century, today's entrepreneurs clearly have a lot to be calm and mature. In this moment of capital and concept-driven, with a bright future ahead, enough patience and capital should be the food they have to store for the winter.

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