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Teddy Boy, real name Yau Jianjun, male, 26 years old, Soho clan.

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China Webmaster Station:, China's personal webmaster must pass through, this station to provide the latest and most complete construction station source code download, domain name trading platform, in the domestic stationmaster group has certain influence.

To show off, learn to do Web pages

Speaking of the network, punks in January 2000 only first contact with the network. Contact with the internet for a long time, there is also a desire to settle down on the internet, but also to imagine others, there is a page on the web.

The birth of his first personal homepage did not cost much effort. At that time, there are a number of foreign websites, providing online self-service building services, as long as their web page on the selection of good templates, fill in content can automatically generate Web pages. When the first web page was built, the Teddy boy felt particularly good, especially when he saw her cousin's envy expression. But this now seemingly humble personal homepage, but let him complete from the eggs to the rookie of the evolution, but also the first step towards the webmaster.

A step by step, groping forward

Because the home page is built on a foreign website, so the Web page can not write Chinese, and there is no such site to provide self-service station services. So I have the idea of building a Chinese homepage may be a coincidence, QQ just have a Chongqing's mm is to do web design, give ah fly an HTML tutorial, through their own research and the help of this netizen, the first comparison of the system's website, "I love my Net" so in the groping in the birth.

Later, the site has a bit of fame, to play friends more and more, the original free space can no longer withstand, access speed is more and more slow, but also more and more unstable, so have the idea to turn off, but friends all advised me to continue, so I consider buying space to maintain the site's operation. In order to balance the expense of the website, the Teddy Boy uses the member system, to some member collects the certain fee, this is also he gets through the network the first income. As members increase, the original space can not meet the requirements. No way, I calculate, feel feasible to buy a server to improve the existing Web site environment.

Not afraid of competition, self-reliance Mountain

As a webmaster, Teddy Boy often go to the circle more famous K666, but feel K666 web design is too monotonous, content too complex, and the atmosphere of the forum is not very good. But the home can be for the webmaster to communicate the larger site is only it. So punk suddenly have a kind of impulse, do a site beyond it, become Stationmaster's Exchange paradise.

Say do it, register the domain name, shut down I love my net, will devote one's energies into it all. Soon the prototype of the Chinese webmaster Station came out, at that time the site contains forums, source code downloads and information and tutorials and other content. Webmaster here can find the software they want, source code, etc., over time, the visit of Chinese webmaster Station rapidly rising, "repeat customers" also gradually increased. In this way, the rookie finally found in the network of the sky in the direction of flying wings.

A wood interview: How to explore the value of technical Web site

A wood: punk, Hello! I'm glad you could have taken our interview so readily. You now run a well-known domestic website, as the site of all people, I hope you can through the "computer" and readers a lot of exchange of your valuable experience. Can you give a brief introduction to the situation of your website now?

Teddy Boy: OK, no problem. My site is now relatively large flow, about 50,000 IP per day, in fact, previously higher, but the recent period of time by the search engine adjustment effect, resulting in a decline in traffic. My website is mainly located in the webmaster, so at present, there is a webmaster forum, webmaster College, domain name host, industry news, website Alliance, such as 10 columns, in which the Webmaster forum is the current domestic comparison of a webmaster forum, daily posting amount to thousands of calculations, although not many of those portal sites, but for a personal site, Is enough.

One wood: Now in the field of personal website construction, the most fire one word is "commercialization", as you such a big personal website how to consider to the direction of commercial development? How do you make a profit?

Teddy Boy: Yes, the original website is just to play, now stand big, to maintain must consider expenses, commercialization is a lot of personal sites are walking a road, I saw some people succeed, but also some people fail, I am also doing this attempt, hope to make the site bigger.
No one can estimate the long-term development, but recently our whole team is still ready to continue to the webmaster consulting this development. Because our site location is mainly personal site webmaster, so this has become the business of these businesses to display their products platform. At present, our site is full of advertising, some locations even 1-2 months ahead of schedule.

One wood: It seems that your website is very popular, so as far as I know to maintain such a large traffic site, it is necessary to have a considerable part of the hardware equipment for support.

Teddy Boy: Yes, that's right. My site currently has 10 stand-alone servers to support current traffic, and according to my ideas, two more servers may be added this year.

A wood: Oh, so many servers, for the personal site should be a very large number. So how much does your site cost each year? What is the biggest difficulty for you at present? So big a website, how about your construction team?

Teddy Boy: Speaking of difficulties, I think it should be the Web server aspect, my focus is here. Now, the annual cost of each server is about 20,000 yuan, so 10 servers will need more than 200,000 yuan, at the same time there are some other costs, my site a year's total cost of about 300,000 yuan, and the main source of funding is the site's advertising revenue, the monthly advertising revenue by million to calculate, A year down to maintain the development of the website. At present, my site has a small number of management team, only 4 people, we are currently considering the increase in staff.

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