Chinese domain name August is about to start the domain name Investment Market to add opportunity

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Chinese domain name August is about to start the domain name Investment Market to add opportunity

The internet in China has been in the high-speed development in recent years, and the Internet is closely related to the IDC industry has been rapid development. Some people say that the IDC industry is like the Internet real estate developers, for various enterprises and each provide the necessary space and servers to help the Internet industry development.

With the rapid development of the Internet, there will be more and more people who use the Internet and use the Internet to start a business. In particular, "network entrepreneurship" with its "low investment, high return" entrepreneurial model resolutely become a lot of talented unemployed young people and want to start a new job to explore the road of employment, entrepreneurship. As an Internet base application of IDC product agent is an obvious "low investment, high return" entrepreneurial project. Moreover, the current e-commerce is in the high-speed development period, coupled with the launch of a new website filing system, website construction and improvement will set off a wave of upsurge.

Domain name, build a station essential content one, the internet number, belong to limited resources. Investment domain name, has become a lot of entrepreneurial people's choice. The world's first wave of investment in the domain name in 1994, China's first wave of investment in the domain name is 1997 years. By now, China's domain name investment Market has matured. In the rapid development of E-commerce, network marketing has increasingly become an important means, the requirements of the Web site is more and more high, on the Internet number-domain name, also has updated awareness and demand. Top-level domain Registrars era interconnection (the person in charge told the author, now is the investment agent domain name of the perfect opportunity, the Chinese top-level domain name will start in August, the first batch of ". Hong Kong" Domain name start registration at the end. In order to support domain name investment, the era of interconnection launched the ". HK" domain name registration promotional activities, in August or September will be launched some Chinese domain name concessions. The successful application of Chinese domain name and the investment in Chinese domain name are also the protection of the global pluralistic civilization.

Now, the new Web site filing system has been formally put into use, the government's review of the site more stringent, which also indirectly to IDC service providers to judge the quality. The era of interconnection is Guangdong's first access to ICP IDC service provider, proved the company's quality and strength. Under the new website record system, the website construction will develop in a healthy and safe order direction, the domain name Investment Market will be more and more perfect.

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