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The Chinese food culture has a profound and long history and enjoys a high reputation in the world.

Chinese people speak about eating, not only three meals a day, but also quench their thirst. It often contains the twists and turns of Chinese people who know things and understand things. When a child is born, his friends and friends want to eat red eggs to celebrate. "Egg" represents the continuation of life, and "egg" embodies the high hopes of the Chinese people. When a child is younger, he or she needs to "eat", "eat" at the age of 18, and "eat" at the age of 18. At the end of his or her 60-year-old life, he or she needs to celebrate the carnival. This kind of "food" is a kind of physiological satisfaction on the surface, but in fact it expresses a rich Psychological Connotation by eating it. The food culture has gone beyond "eat" itself and gained more profound social significance. Through Chinese and Western exchanges, our food culture has become a new characteristic of the times. Such as color, fragrance, taste, type and pay attention to nutrition, is a kind of progress of the times. The practice of the ten bowls and eight dashboard has been reformed, which is also very gratifying. However, the Chinese food culture should have a solid Fulcrum in the collision with the cultures of all countries in the world, so that it can be improved and developed in the long process and maintain a lasting vitality. In my opinion, this Fulcrum is an excellent traditional culture, that is, the basic connotation of Chinese food culture that needs to be explored. Therefore, the study of the basic connotation of Chinese food culture not only helps to deepen the theory of food culture, but also has a profound positive significance for Chinese food culture to occupy the world market. In my opinion, Chinese food culture has its deep connotation and can be summarized into four words: Excellent, beautiful, affection, and courtesy. These four words reflect the unique cultural meanings of dietary quality, aesthetic experience, emotional activities, and social functions during dietary activities, it also reflects the close relationship between food culture and excellent Chinese traditional culture.

Excellent. It is a summary of the internal quality of Chinese food culture. Confucius said: "food is not refined, it is not refined ". This reflects the quality awareness of our ancestors about diet. Of course, this may be limited to some nobles. However, as a kind of cultural spirit, this kind of quality consciousness is becoming more and more widely and deeply penetrated and implemented throughout the course of diet activities. Material Selection, cooking, compatibility, and even food environment all reflect the word "essence.

Beauty reflects the aesthetic characteristics of the diet culture. One of the important reasons why Chinese diet can conquer the world is its beauty. This kind of beauty refers to the perfect unity of Chinese dietary activity forms and content, and the aesthetic pleasure and spiritual enjoyment it brings to people. First, it is delicious. Sun Yat-sen said that "the taste is not refined, but the cooking is not good". The Aesthetics of "taste" is regarded as the first essentials of cooking. The Spring and Autumn of Yan Shi said: "and such as a piece of cake. The water and fire of salt plum to fish, the salary of the shard, zafu and, Qi to taste ." This is what I mean.

As a basic connotation of food culture, beauty is the charm of Chinese food. Beauty runs through every part of the food activity process.

This is a summary of the social and psychological functions of Chinese diet culture. Eating, drinking, and not simply watching. It is actually a media of emotional communication between people and a social activity. While eating and chatting, you can do business, exchange information, and interview. Friends are busy and welcome to the future. People are used to expressing their feelings of farewell or welcoming at the dinner table, and people tend to use wine to calm down their feelings. This is the function of dietary activity to regulate social psychology. In the past teahouse, people sat down to drink tea, listen to books, set up a portal, or vent their dissatisfaction with the court. This is really an excellent psychological massage.

The reason why Chinese diet has a "lyrical" function is that the Philosophical Thought of "drinking, drinking, eating, and enjoying" and the resulting dietary style with national characteristics.

There is a question about how to guide and improve the taste of the emotional culture in diet activities. We need to advocate a healthy and beautiful cultural sentiment and pursue a noble sentiment.

"Ritual" refers to the ritual nature of diet activities. China's diet is exquisite. This is closely related to our traditional culture. Life and death, to usher, worship God ancestor are gifts. "The beginning of the ceremony begins with a variety of diets," said Li Ji-Li Yun ." There is no page in the "Three rites" that mentions wine and food in sacrifices. Ritual refers to an order and a standard. The direction of the agent, the arrangement of the keys, and the order of serving ...... All reflect the "Ceremony ".

We should not simply regard it as a kind of etiquette, but rather understand it as a kind of spirit and an internal ethical spirit. This spirit of ritual runs through the course of dietary activity, thus forming the logical starting point of Chinese food civilization.

Essence, beauty, emotion, and courtesy summarize the basic connotation of Chinese food culture from different perspectives. In other words, these four aspects organically constitute the overall concept of Chinese food culture. Precision and beauty focus on the image and quality of diet, while sentiment and courtesy focus on the mentality, customs and social functions of diet. However, they do not exist in isolation, but are interdependent and mutually causal. Only by its "essence" can we have a complete "beauty"; only by its "beauty" Can we stimulate "Emotion"; only by "Emotion" can we have a "ritual" fashion in the era of science and technology ". The four are born and perfectly unified, forming the highest realm of Chinese food culture. Only by accurately grasping "essence, beauty, affection, and courtesy" Can we deeply understand the Chinese food culture, and we can better inherit and promote the Chinese food culture.
Reference: China's catering industry information network-China's largest and most comprehensive portal for the catering industry

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