Chinese New Year after the holiday site rankings decline feeling

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I'm sure a lot of my friends are having this situation, after a year to come back after the site rankings plummeted, especially in peacetime management of more frequent sites, years ago Station ( Zibo site Construction of the word has been the first, 6 consecutive months did not fall, but after a year came back to find the ranking ran to the second page , and Baidu Snapshots also ran out of a week, summed up the reason behind the ranking, there are the following three points:


First, to stop the release of original articles

Every morning before 7:00-9:00 will certainly have an article or two original articles released, Baidu Spiders have been accustomed to this point in time to crawl fresh content, like a person formed a habit, but suddenly one day did not see something new, he may still update the snapshot, But there has been a slight change in the level of trust in the station, and after a few days still so, Baidu spiders think there will be no fresh content, so his arrival will be reduced, once a day, now may be a week or even one months to come once, this is the original article on Baidu Spider influence.

Second, stop the publication of external links

SEO has two major points, one is the outside chain is an original, external links to the impact of Baidu Spider is also very obvious. As we all know, as time goes by, external links will be reduced, if there is no fresh, high-quality external links to complement, spiders from the outside access to the site is greatly reduced. Chinese New Year days all day bubble in ' boozing ', what external link, long ago cast aside, Baidu Spider also put your website to throw in in order to.

Third, the number of visits is greatly reduced

During the Chinese New Year, we all immersed in the thick taste of the year, in particular, the site construction of this industry, basically no one to care about, there is no customer to look for, so the result of a few days without access to the results of the number of visitors in Baidu rankings will also account for a certain share of the decline in the number of visitors to the station to reduce the weight.

The above three points to determine the site's ranking will be greatly reduced, snapshot time will also be greatly postponed, but for those who use the new year to fully promote the site, the results will be very large, and today again to the word site Construction Zibo Search found a lot of previously did not see the site ran to the first page, and ranked very high. This is the verification of a word, do SEO expensive in insist.

Original: A5 starter.

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