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Knowing is a Chinese traditional characteristic word, know refers to know or knowledge, but is the most commonly used in ancient China in the mood of auxiliary words and prepositions, in the dynasties of classical prose, poetry is very common. We are naturally more familiar with the press of Classical Chinese education, in the historical records. Chen She family "in the" princes will be better than a kind of! A

At the same time know is also a social question and answer website name, known as the foreign Quora Chinese version, the site at the end of January online testing, is still in strict invitation to control. And Baidu know such a traditional question and answer site compared to the more emphasis on human elements and knowledge, compared to social questions and answers more like between the encyclopedia and the traditional question and answer website.

Wikipedia Web site entry, must have a complete and accurate definition, for example, I can learn from Baidu this entry to Baidu related information, but not be able to ask Baidu performance, earnings, personnel changes related to the content, there are certain limitations, and the traditional question and answer website is more suitable for answering right questions, they will also elect the final answer to highlight, But the fact that those who have not been selected still has a strong reference value.

The social question and answer website is more tolerant than the encyclopedia Web site, and the knowledge and discussion atmosphere is better than the traditional question and answer website.

Knowing that I have recently encountered the best site of the gas field, which is similar to my first encounter with Wikipedia, and the traditional question and answer site short exquisite reply, each of the answers seems to look like a careful consideration of the answer, this is a good environment under careful management.

Know the strict control of the number of users involved in testing, on-line testing two months is still difficult to find the invitation, and Taobao sales know that the invitation is only a few home, the cheapest price to 20 yuan. If I didn't get the invitation code through a special channel, perhaps until now, it may be seen as another practice of hunger and thirst marketing, but it seems to be a bit of a hunger and thirst, and more importantly, the first users of the invitation are mostly experts or celebrities from various industries, and of course, the Internet at most. They have deep enough knowledge of the Internet, easier to accept new things, and more willing to share their views with you, compared to the site's hardware and software, these opinion leaders are more like a known lifeline, they greatly improve the content of the attraction of knowledge, but also reduce the knowledge of communication and management costs. These users are known as seed users, meaning that they can drive the atmosphere of knowledge discussion and start a virtuous circle within the site.

In here I saw the Chinese internet extremely rare sinking heart to do things attitude, now has too much fast financing, fast expansion, fast listing and death, can withstand loneliness, withstand time, withstand impetuous not an easy thing.

In addition to opinion leaders, the community spirit of Wikipedia has been introduced. Each user can improve the question, can also be added to the recovery of the operation, the maximum mobilization of the user's strength of high-quality content and inferior content for screening. Knowing that there is no integration system, beneficial to the benefit of the seed users to bring a good discussion atmosphere, you find that the questions submitted by others have received a good response, you will try to publish some of the questions you want to understand, and you will be more serious attitude to respond to other people ask questions. To treat people with sincerity, one must be honest, this is the Chinese heritage of the Millennium philosophy.

This gives me the impression that if I need a positive answer, I will go to the traditional question-answering website, if I needed more thinking and more different ideas, then I would choose to know that the two were not completely replaced, as if you could not get a satisfactory answer to Baidu's latest hot questions about the employment sector, The same is not possible to know about the Beijing Subway route information, know that the user's disregard will let your problem quickly fall out of sight.

Know well done, at least as of the present stage is so, good community discussion atmosphere, strict control of the user to increase speed. But knowing the problems of the future is just as troubling, if it is known whether a large influx of new users will break the balance between a good discussion atmosphere or not, it will reduce the quality of the questions (which seem to be more appropriate) and return, and whether it is possible to be outside it such as life, More fields such as law attract enough good opinion leaders to not be able to recommend enough interesting questions for the user.

Profitability is not my concern, assuming that you can really become a good public knowledge web site, even without any profitable projects is not difficult to find a way to survive, look at the foreign Wikipedia you may lament the domestic environment so difficult. But those active in informed opinion leaders, active users, they are not difficult to know to find a good road, so it is not a profit to think about now, but how to build a good public knowledge platform to do, when you put everyone's needs are resolved abnormal appropriateness, your survival is no longer a problem.

And competition is a difficult question to judge, even if you have enough money and people to build a successful public knowledge platform is not an easy thing, including opinion leaders, members, topics, replies, and many other factors, these are not all can be money, but if there is such a good competitor , which may not be a bad thing for a known or a user.

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