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After 9, do not immediately before the computer, walking around for 30 minutes before you do it, after dinner hundred steps to live over 99
Recently also contacted webmaster friends more, found that a lot of webmaster friends are due to do the webmaster after the irregular life and health status has become less than before. Since the webmaster found his body also always feel unwell, the body is the cost of revolution, so I also listed the following content, you can be the webmaster, the title of timely treatment adjustment. Because I am also more like health nutrition, healthy, so more concerned about, I hope you can look after let young you and I he has a healthy physique!
Since health was also a hot topic in the 21st century, but the webmaster friends are most of the age is very small group, is supposed to be a good body, but because of the particularity of the network, many webmaster friends have been to the sub-health state, now I enumerate the following points, we can control, If you have the same topic, look at the second step I write it!
The first step: To see if you are the owners of health? (suitable for webmaster groups and so on the Internet more friends)
1 often feel tired, no matter how long sleep or feel very tired. Not a full body of energy!
2 often feel dry eyes, fever!
3 whether have night sweats phenomenon (sleep in the evening), sweating phenomenon (eat or walk some road to sweat more).
4 whether have a headache feeling, when good time bad.
5 whether have cervical vertebra sleepy or aching feeling (don't tell me you don't know where the cervical vertebra is?) Oh
6 whether there is a first often feel the joint pain or faint feeling of discomfort
7 waist often feel sleepy, bend down is to feel very laborious
8 squat down and then fiercely stand up, will feel dizzy (commonly known as "See Birds")
9 Whether the appetite is poor, often feel their stomach does not digest.
10 shoulder week part often feel tired and sleepy even ache
11 Regular small cold fever (for example, 1-2 times a month, even if often)
12 blurred vision, often feel that their eyes will have blurred objects (such as linear things, etc.)
13 Stool time is not fixed daily, there will be constipation situation
14 hands and feet often have a little numbness!
The above listed 14 points, we can control, if you have 3 or more than 3, please continue to look down!
The second step: If you feel that your body is in sub-health, then webmaster friends to see the following points, through the following can greatly improve your sub-health situation!
1 lack of exercise, do some more exercise! How to do it, the actual strenuous exercise is not necessarily the best, (1) Webmaster friends can surf the internet every one hours up dongdong arms, stretching, you can stretch stretching. (2) Weekly fixed time outdoor sports, such as playing table tennis, badminton and so on, but the period to law, do not this week sports, next week do not go, you insist, and do the same as the station Oh! Oh, I also occupational disease. (3) Daily schedule Some regular, early in the dinner on time to eat, even if not hungry! Sleep time must be on time by the law, 11 points per night-1 points for the best time to sleep (according to Taoist health culture) so every day up will be energetic! And then stick to the rule and it's OK.
2 (1) and I learn a movement to moisten the eyes, daily before going to bed to rub the hands hot, hair to the eye, the eyes move several times, and then repeat 3 times or more. (2) Sometimes the eye drops can be used to relieve the pressure of the eyes.
3 eat more fruits and vegetables and other acidic foods eat less meat and other alkaline food! Another +1
More than 4 do deep breathing exercise, this movement is actually a good exercise, the movement is not only refers to strenuous exercise, deep breath several times, inspiratory feel the abdomen slightly swollen, exhale when feeling the abdomen slightly put up on the right. Another +1
5 daily sleep before taking a deep breath, and then slowly from down to the right to rotate, reply, and then rotate from down to left one week, repeat 5-10 times, often do put kites, such as looking up movement.
6 with the 1th
7 Do some waist movement, daily repetitive regular to do
8 with the 1th
After 9, do not immediately before the computer, walking around for 30 minutes before you do it, after dinner hundred steps to live over 99
The aim of all human endeavor is to obtain happiness. --Owen
10 do some chest enlargement movement, slowly do, do not how fast, but to be lasting, insist repeatedly do!
11 with the 1th
12 with the 4th
13 eat more fruits and vegetables, Internet time do not smoke too much smoke, less alcohol. Plus the 1th and the movement and Rest time rule, 1 months time can adjust over. Constipation is to eat more apples, and corn, normal temperature milk. Breakfast must be eaten, and eat well, eat a little richer, so you will also feel your day energy is very abundant.
14 with 1th and 4th

The above is what I want to say how to adjust stationmaster sub Health Simple method, these methods are summed up by the conclusion of the Indian yoga, Chinese Taoist health culture and eating healthy culture, and hope to be able to help, now the webmaster and stars, no time, rest, but in the end, the body is the capital of revolution, to know that they have been sick , no matter how much money, pain or to bear their own, no one can take the place of you Oh! One of my friends is a continuous station for 10 days, the last hospitalization for 1 months, really a bit more than worth it! Health is also from childhood, do not wait until you want to pay attention to, the lack of regret is too late! If there are incomplete please thread or join me to open the new webmaster QQ Group 79434987
Cherish your life cherish your own body, God will cherish you oh. Webmaster Friends Cherish what you have now! Must always have the heart of Thanksgiving, so I believe that everyone's station will be able to do better! (Do not wait for your station to do well, the body also cross the Oh!) )

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