Choice of MacBook Virtual machine

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Occasionally some tests require more than one computer, or you don't want to mess up your computer's system, so it's important to install a virtual machine. Here's a look at the three virtual machine software you use, and the final decision.

Vmware Fusion:

Business, fee, 509 USD

Advantages: Rich driver, Linux support perfect. Stable operation.

Disadvantages: The official website cannot open, the purchase is inconvenient.


Open Source, free

Benefits: Free

Cons: Unstable, while the virtual machine is running, the MacBook occasionally turns the fan around, and the same task runs on the VMware virtual machine without this behavior.


Business, fee, 498 USD


      1. Windows support is complete.
      2. There is a domestic website, easy to buy.


      1. Linux support is not perfect, when installing Ubuntu, fast installation is unsuccessful, manual installation succeeds, but parallels Tools cannot be installed.
      2. After the OSX system upgrade, you need to repeat the purchase.

Final choice: Because I'm just going to install some Linux virtual machines, choose to try VMware Fusion.

Suggestion: If you intend to install only windows,parallels is not the choice of two. If you want to install linux,vmwarefusion is a good choice. If you are really short of money, VirtualBox can do the same.

Choice of MacBook Virtual machine

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