Chongqing RHCSA Certification Examination fee? is RHCSA certification useful?

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Is there any use for RHCSA certification? First of all, to understand the Red Hat Linux certification system, RHCSA is a Red Hat certification system in a junior certification, the content is mainly focused on system management, relatively simple, similar to the Oracle certification system in the OCA certification. Since it is the primary certification, only from the certificate, there is no RHCE, RHCA high gold content, do not recommend a separate examination RHCSA, and the Chongqing Linux Intermediate Test RHCE certification exam costs are about thousands of yuan;

How do you know the meaning of certificates and training?

1, RHCE Certification in essence, just Redhat company for the certification of the operating system technology of an official recognition. Familiar with Linux operating system technology, can solve the operating system problems encountered by enterprises, to ensure that the stability of the operating system is the key.

2, RHCE certification is also a learning process. Linux is the most important product of Red hat and is the key factor in Red Hat's development to date. With decades of operating system development, operating system maintenance, operating system education experience, this is the most worthy of participation in RHCE certification learning place.

3, to learn. RHCE certification for students to bring the new technology concept, in fact, is also to guide students to learn, to learn the most advanced technology in the IT industry, to continue to explore the future development of IT industry, in the IT field to go further. There is no forever technical concept, only the continuous innovation of the technical framework.

To learn, to create, is the RHCE certification to bring the concept of it practitioners.

PS: Chongqing think Zhuang Certification Learning Center, is the only Red Hat Authorized examination Center in Chongqing, is also the Southwest's largest Oracle operations company, the course is 0 basic design, free hard of hearing, in-service engineer teaching, theory + case-based instruction, recommend employment, but also provide lifelong technical support to trainees, For those who want to engage in the IT industry to provide a full range of help, but also in the workplace the best way to recharge;

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Chongqing RHCSA Certification Examination fee? is RHCSA certification useful?

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