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Internet life, Internet surfing in the use of browsers is essential. So the browser is almost almost always related to the network action, will be used to the browser. When we surf through the browser day after day, year after day, we save a large amount of cached data on the browser, such as the account number, password, dealer transaction information and personal information of various online logins, etc. The security of privacy is a critical issue for users. As a Google Chrome browser an old powder of the author, will be introduced in this article and the Chrome browser privacy security testing, in order to restore a browser is really able to do to protect the user's privacy security issues!

Security for first Chrome browser privacy security test

On the internet for many years, the old nets are often more aware of the possibility of privacy disclosure in the Web browsing process, in order to study this issue and gain privacy protection, they can use and study the Chrome browser. Click to download Chrome browser

This article focuses on

For users to introduce browser protection of user privacy features, through testing directly reflected in the Chrome browser Web surfing platform, users use the process of information is protected, privacy security can be guaranteed. In this paper, the Chrome browser is divided into four aspects of a comprehensive evaluation.

Stealth mode, the main description of this function mode, how to use the Chrome browser stealth mode to surf the internet, how to use browser helper items to help users better use the Chrome browser.

Historical cleanup includes the cleanup of browser browsing history and the cleaning of download history, and the use of functions to clear the user's privacy-related access information.

Privacy settings for the specific comprehensive eight aspects of the special debugging, in order to achieve comprehensive protection of privacy security purposes.

Typical mode-stealth mode

When it comes to stealth, many users may associate the stealth settings of an instant online chat tool, which means that when users use a chat tool, they don't want other online users to see their online status.

The stealth mode of Chrome browser is not quite the same as the stealth setting of the chat tool we mentioned earlier, the stealth of the Chrome browser is simply not to allow Google Chrome to keep information about the sites you visit, but the websites that users visit may still have your access records. All files saved to your computer remain on your computer.

Chrome Browser Stealth window

The button on the top right corner of the Chrome browser page "Customize and Control Chrome browser" to find the "New stealth window" option, and users can also use the keyboard key combination ctrl+shift+n to quickly start the Chrome browser Stealth window. As shown in the figure above, the entry from the menu item to the stealth mode operation process.

Enter Stealth Mode page

Into the Stealth Mode homepage page content, the Chrome browser system will give users more detailed information. For example, Chrome browser stealth mode does not affect the behavior of other users, servers, or software. Beware: A Web site that collects or shares information about you, an Internet service provider or employer who tracks the Web pages you visit, malicious software that tracks your keystroke situations in the name of free emoticons, and acts of spying through a secret agent; the man standing behind me.

Stealth Mode Help information

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