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Tired of Angry Birds in mobile devices? Now you can try Angry Birds in chrome to bring you a different gaming experience.

The chrome version of Angry Birds not only designed a new Chrome special level, but also hidden seven chrome eggs, each of which can open a special level.

It is a special reminder that there are a few eggs that are too hidden to be seen by widening the angle of view (through the scroll wheel of the mouse. In addition, the egg and pass-through points are independent of each other, and they will not appear again even if they are re-played!

The first chrome egg is on Level 1-16 and the platform in the air:

A big chrome logo will pop up after hitting ~

The second one is on the wall of level 1-18, which is conspicuous:

The third is in level 1-20, very high air:

The fourth one is behind the rock in Level 2-4, so far:

The fifth is hidden behind the wall of level 2-20!

The sixth one is under the 3-7 of the level:

The seventh one is behind the birds in level 3-14:

By the way, there are several "landscape photos" of the chrome special level ":

Chrome dimension entry:

Selection page:

Level 4-1:

Level 4-2:

Level 4-3:

Level 4-4:

Level 4-5:

Level 4-6:

Level 4-7:

With an IPv6 key: 2404: 6800: 8003: 79 (You know, please google it if it doesn't work)

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