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Chrome URLs

In the chrome address bar, enterChrome: // chrome-URLs

List of chrome URLs
  • Chrome: // appcache-Internals
  • Chrome: // blob-Internals
  • Chrome: // bookmarks
  • Chrome: // Cache
  • Chrome: // chrome-URLs
  • Chrome: // conflicts
  • Chrome: // crashes
  • Chrome: // credits
  • Chrome: // DNS
  • Chrome: // downloads
  • Chrome: // extensions
  • Chrome: // flags
  • Chrome: // flash
  • Chrome: // GPU-Internals
  • Chrome: // history
  • Chrome: // inspect
  • Chrome: // IPC
  • Chrome: // media-Internals
  • Chrome: // memory
  • Chrome: // NaCl
  • Chrome: // net-Internals
  • Chrome: // newtab
  • Chrome: // Omnibox
  • Chrome: // plugins
  • Chrome: // Policy
  • Chrome: // Predictors
  • Chrome: // print
  • Chrome: // profiler
  • Chrome: // quota-Internals
  • Chrome: // settings
  • Chrome: // stats
  • Chrome: // Sync-Internals
  • Chrome: // terms
  • Chrome: // Tracing
  • Chrome: // version
  • Chrome: // view-http-Cache
For debug

The following pages are for debugging purposes only. Because they crash or hang the Renderer, they're not linked directly; you can type them into the address bar if you need them.

  • Chrome: // crash
  • Chrome: // kill
  • Chrome: // hang
  • Chrome: // shorthang
  • Chrome: // gpuclean
  • Chrome: // gpucrash
  • Chrome: // gpuhang


Shortcut Key

CTRL + N // create a Chrome Window
CTRL + Shift + N // create a new stealth Chrome Window (behavior will not be recorded by Chrome)

CTRL + T // open a new tab
CTRL + Shift + T // re-open the last closed tab. Google Chrome remembers the 10 recently closed tabs
CTRL + F4/[Ctrl + W] // close a tab

CTRL + TAB/[Ctrl + Page Down] // switch to the next tab
CTRL + Shift + TAB/[Ctrl + page up] // switch to the previous Tab
CTRL + 1 // locate the first tab
CTRL + 5 // locate the 5th tabs
CTRL + 9 // locate the last tab

Press ctrl and click the link [or click link directly] // open the link from the background in a new tab, but you are still in the current tab
Press Ctrl + shift, click the link // open the link in the new tab, and switch to the new tab.
Hold down the Shift key and click the link // open the link in a new window

F5/[Ctrl + R] // refresh the page
F6/[Ctrl + L] // select the URL link in the address bar to facilitate the input of a new URL

CTRL + backspace // delete a word on the left of the cursor in the address bar
F11 // full screen
Shift + escape // view the Task Manager

CTRL + H // Open history browsing
CTRL + J // open the download page

CTRL + F/[Ctrl + G] // open the Search dialog box
F3 // find the next
Shift + F3 // find the previous one
ESC // cancel the operation

Home // move to the top of the page
End // move to the bottom of the page
Direction key // scroll to the left, right, top, and bottom pages

CTRL + u // view webpage code
F12/[Ctrl + Shift + J] // open the developer window

CTRL ++ press Ctrl and scroll up the scroll wheel. // enlarge all content on the webpage.
CTRL +-[press Ctrl and scroll down the scroll wheel] // zoom out all content on the page
CTRL + 0 // restore all content on the webpage to normal size

Alt + F/[Alt + E] // open the tool menu, and then you can use the up and down arrow keys to enter the functions you want.


Several useful extensions

1.Adblock plus// Screen ads on the website to make the page fresh


2.IE tab multi (enhance)// Use IE in chrome. Some websites must use IE to access the or online banking security control.


3.Image Search// Search for a similar image or a high-definition image


4.Vimium// VI/Vim habits, full keyboard control chrome


5. UseAdobe Flash PlayerPlug-ins // chrome will integrate flash by default. You can also directly use the Adobe Flash plug-in version.

Adobe Flash Player Plugin

Adobe Flash Player has been directly integrated with Google Chrome and is enabled by default. The system update of chrome will automatically include all the released Adobe Flash Player Updates.

If you want to use Adobe Flash Player in other browsers, You Need To separately download Adobe Flash Player for the corresponding browser.

Enable or disable Adobe Flash Player

The following instructions apply to Google Chrome in windows, Mac, Linux, and Chrome operating systems.

  1. In the address bar, enterchrome:pluginsTo openPlug-insPage.
  2. On the displayed "plug-in" Page, find the "Flash" list.
    • To enable Adobe Flash Player, clickEnableLink.
    • To completely disable Adobe Flash Player, clickDisableLink.

Note: If you have installed Adobe Flash Player separately, two files are listed under the plug-in. If both files are enabled, the system uses the version bound to the Chrome browser.

. To enable a certain version of Adobe Flash Player, clickDetails. Click the corresponding Adobe Flash Player version to enableEnableLink. The following table shows the file names of the versions integrated with Google Chrome.

Platform Adobe Flash Player Plug-in integrated with chrome System plugin
Windows Pepflashplayer. dll Npswf32.dll
Mac Pepperflashplayer. plugin Flash Player. plugin
Linux Libpepflashplayer. So Libflashplayer. So
Chrome operating system Libpepflashplayer. So Libpepflashplayer. So

Linux Users: Adobe Flash Player uses the cross-platform pepper API (ppapi) to run its plug-in chrome.

You may find the following known issues specific to chrome in Linux:

Install Flash Player for Chromium

If you are using chromium (English version only), you must install Adobe Flash Player separately to display the Flash content.


6. Google Translate translation Extension

Https:// Hl = ZH-CN

7. reading words on youdao screen // including speech

Https:// Hl = ZH-CN

8. Search for the extension you need.



Webpage Translation

1. Chrome settings: translate non-Simplified Chinese webpages into Chinese

Settings> Advanced Settings> Language

2. Use Google Translate to translate specified URL Information // applicable to any browser

Http:// Hl = ZH-CN & SL = en & TL = ZH-CN & U = // translate ask

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