Circle of the biography of Jobs' (last article)

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Circle of the biography of Jobs' (last article)


Those crazy people who think they can change the world.. [Question]


Chapter 2: fighting in twilight

Reid said that he is not a ruthless businessman with profit-only images. His motivation comes from his love for his career and his pride in Apple products.

2010Year2Month, Steve Jobs celebrated with his family.55Birthday. Powell said,"Like a lot of talented people, he is not as good as everyone else; he has no social demeanor and will not put himself in the shoes of others, but he focuses on how to play the role of human nature, let people gain strength, how to make human progress, and create the right tools for human beings to pursue progress.".

Steve Jobs received the targeted therapy. Steve Jobs once said: "I am either one of the first to win cancer, or one of the people who finally died of this cancer.. Not the first to go ashore, but the last to be drowned."

About the education industry, Bill.Gates said computers and mobile devices must be dedicated to providing more personalized courses and inspiring feedback.

When asked about how he felt like giving up control of the company he created, his tone was full of nostalgia and he began to use the past:"I have had a very lucky career, a very lucky life, and I have done everything I can do.".

Chapter 2 Heritage

Steve Jobs's personality is embodied in the products he created.1984From the first Macintosh tower to a whole generationIPadAlways end-to-end software and hardware integration.

The same is true for Steve Jobs himself:His personality, passion, perfectionist, dark side, desire, artistic temperament, cruelty, and desire to control are all intertwined with his experience and ideas and products created. The most notable feature of this fusion is the extreme.

Astronomers John."Naturally, I like simplicity and unification.".

 The most fundamental difference in the digital world is the confrontation between openness and closure.The instinct for an integrated system allows Steve Jobs to firmly stand on the closed side.

The hacker spirit inherited from the home brewing computer club tends to be open, with almost no central control mechanism. People can freely modify hardware and software and shareCode, Written using open standardsProgramTo avoid patent systems that are compatible with multiple devices and operating systems.

Steve Jobs believes, "people are busy with what they are best at. They want us to do what we are best. Their lives are busy. They have other things to do, instead of thinking about how to integrate their computers and electronic devices ."

When dozens of colleagues who were the most abusive by Steve Jobs told their lengthy sad stories, they finally said that he was something we never dreamed.

People usually don't know what they want until you put it in front of them..

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