Cisco launches the first dual-band wireless router

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At present, China's wireless router industry is developing very rapidly, and its market demand is also very high. Here we mainly introduce Cisco's first dual-band wireless router launched in China, this section describes the features and performance of the vro. In May 19, Cisco launched the Linksys by Cisco dual-band wireless router (WRT320N) in China ). As Cisco's first dual-band wireless router in China, WRT320N aims to help consumers create multimedia home networks.

For families who want to implement more applications in dual-band wireless routers, WRT320N equipped with Cisco Media Optimization network technology will be an ideal choice. WRT320N is the latest member of Cisco's consumer-level dual-band wireless router network product series. It makes it a reality for users to watch movies through dual-band wireless router streaming media at home. The latest dual-band wireless router WRT320N helps you build a home network suitable for streaming media.

WRT320N is equipped with a gigabit-level Wired connection and an 802.11n dual-band wireless router connection that can run in the GHz or 5 GHz band. Compared to the GHz band used for cordless phones or microwave, the 5 GHz band is less crowded, it is suitable for the transmission of sensitive data with delay, such as audio and video.

The WRT320N comes with the Linksys EasyLink Advisor (LELA) software. The software helps users connect to and run networks while keeping the networks updated and secure. The random installation CD is applicable to computers on Macintosh and Windows systems.

In addition to LELA, WRT320N also supports Wi-Fi protection settings (WPS ). WPS is an optional authentication program designed and released by the Wi-Fi Alliance. It aims to make devices in dual-band wireless routers run securely and simplify installation. A function button is set on WRT320N, allowing you to easily add devices using this button and corresponding buttons on other additional devices.

Cisco Media Optimization network technology helps users enjoy an excellent experience when sharing and browsing multimedia content. WRT320N can automatically provide priority for HD video applications without manual configuration. You can also set priorities for specific devices, such as the game console, as needed.

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